Where to buy Bento products?

Below you can find the links to some (online) shops where I buy my Bento boxes and accessories. Please note that I have NOT been asked or paid to provide these links and that I can only comment using my own personal experience.  Also, the links are non-affiliated (i.e. I don’t receive any money if you click on them).

My experiences all are based on buying in/shipping to the UK, so shipping/availability might be different depending on which country you live in.

If you’re curious, you can read all about my current Bento Box collection in this post, and all about my current Bento accessory collection in this post (September/October 2014)

I will be adding (links) along the way 🙂



Bento boxes and accessories


  • No link, I’m sure you can find your local Amazon shop online.
  • I am a big fan of the (Korean brand) Lock & Lock Bento box Sets and the only place that I have been able to find them online is at Amazon.

Bento & Co:

  • My favourite online shop for all  things  Bento related!
  • Huge choice & very friendly staff for (online) advice.
  • Ship worldwide from Japan,  but do note that you might be subject to pay custom and/or import duty.
  • Sign up for the newsletter to receive discounts
  • Also, if you buy a bento box, and post them a photo of it in use, they will give you a discount code for your next purchase (and often put your photo on their website/blog/facebook)


  • Huge choice of all things Bento and Kawaii related.
  • Ship worldwide, and prices do include custom fees.


  • Japanese tableware and some bento boxes.
  • Not clear if they sell online, but they often seem to be present at Japanese Festivals etc (like London Matsuri). They have a shop in West London (Harrow).

Eats Amazing

  • Aside from posting creative lunches for her kids & great tips for packing lunch, Grace also has an online shop where she sells some Bento/ lunchbox related products.


  • Japanese Book shop in central London (near Piccadilly Circus).
  • Sell limited assortment of chopsticks, table ware and bento boxes.

Japan Centre

  • The No 1 shop to go to for Japanese ingredients (in London).
  • Main store near Piccadilly Circus, where they also have some of Bento products Japanese cookware in the shop.
  • More  Bento/Japanese cookware can be found online.
  • They ship worldwide. You can also order online and collect your items at the store in North Acton (London).


  • Stationery shop that can be found in most High Streets in the UK.
  • Often have cute lunch boxes and cutlery sets.
  • Sometimes also sells paper punches, which are great to use as nori cutters.


  • Sell colourful and practical lunch boxes and accessories for kids
  • Cute & practical



  • Korean supermarkets like Soulplaza, Koreafoods and Hmart: they sometimes sell table ware, lunch boxes, chopsticks, but it can vary from shop to shop.
  • Supermarkets & cook shops: you can find plenty of bento goods in the supermarket or cookery shops. For example the Sistema boxes and Lock & Lock (clip & close) can be found in most major supermarkets. I also always look for silicone cupcake molds, small biscuit cutters  etc in cookery shops.


Rice cookers

If you like rice, I would definitely recommend buying a rice cooker. There are lots of options available, from the simple microwave cooker for a couple of ££ to the Neuro Fuzzy® logic technology ones which are a higher investment (££££) but which cook perfect rice every time.

Korean supermarkets in the UK will sell some rice cookers, but I am not familiar with the brands

Japan Center sells rice cookers

I bought mine, a 5 cup Zojirushi (Micom Rice cooker NL-AAC10) at YumAsia

  • They sell the Japanese brand Zojirushi rice cookers (and some other products) in the UK and ship within Europe.
  • All the rice cookers are converted for use 220-240v power (but you might need a plug adapter outside the UK).
  • The products are shipped from the UK so there are no customs and import duty to be paid to EU countries.
  • Very friendly service and good advice available.


My bento box collection


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