Panda Bento

This is my panda bento attempt! I think it looks more like a teddy bear than a panda, probably because of the ears…. but oh well…it looks sort of cute.

Was feeling like I wanted to make a kawaii/qwiyomi type lunch as it has been quite some time that I made one, I think the last one was this Miffy bento so I guess I need to practice my skills again 🙂

The panda-teddy is made from onigiri and I filled it with an umuboshi plum and added details with nori. He is holding a carrot flower and is “standing” on some Korean meatballs I made & froze earlier this year (I pack these frozen as they will keep my bento nice and cool and will be defrosted and at room temperature by lunch time).

The other container has some tamagoyaki, more carrot flowers, cherry tomatoes and some raisins, plus there are various bits and pieces of veggies/leaves tucked in around the main items.

Will try and make another panda bento soon!

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Panda Bento

panda-bento.jpegI only realised when I posted this photo, how gigantic the cherries look compared to the pandas!

They were very big cherries, and the pandas are quite small, so the opposite of real life. But then, in real life a panda would never fit into my bento box…nor would I want to!

My pandas were created from egg white and nori, and are resting on some omelet. The egg white kept curling, so it’s pinned together with some very thin noodle stick. Added some carrot flowers, veggies, left over omelet and those gigantic cherries 🙂