Wonky Supper Club

Oddbox Wonky Supper Club

Most readers will know by now that I am a big fan of our Vegetable & Fruit box delivery service, called Odd box. You can read more about them in this blog post here and on their website here, but basically they help fight the war on food waste by rescuing F&V that gets rejected by the supermarkets.

Readers who live in London might be interested to know that Oddbox is now organising their first Wonky Supper Club to be held on 12 July, location The Grosvenor Arms, SW18 4ED (Earlsfield). Aside from sharing an enjoyable (vegetarian meal) with fellow wonky V&F supporters and foodies, you will also get to try out a cake made by yours truly!

I don’t want to give away too much info, but I can say some wonkyness will be involved … 🙂

If this sounds like something you would like attend (yeah, come on of course you know you want to!) head to their website and save your place!

Looking forward to see you on 12 July!



No bento today

I had actually written a bento blog post to be scheduled for today, but now I don’t really feel like posting it. Although I keep my blog a-politic and neutral,  and will continue to do so, I didn’t think it right to completely ignore what has been happening in recent days.

As the majority of my readers know, I live in London, and luckily no-one I know has been affected by the latest attack. Not physically that it. Most of us are affected emotionally.  It affects our daily lives, it colours our activities and thoughts.

But at the same time, life goes on as usual. It has to. We will not let them win.

Take care and keep safe.






I now also share more (food) photos on Instagram

Bento Bits


Wasn’t quite sure how to call this Bento, but basically there are sweet bits and savoury bits in it!

This bento wasn’t made for myself, I made it for a friend who was staying with me whilst working in London. She didn’t need a bento for lunch (had already other plans) but did need one to sustain her during the day, hence the bits and pieces.

She chose the lovely rabbit/cherry blossom box for packing, so I thought that a rabbit shaped egg would be quite fitting. Other bits packed are cheese hearts and cucumber stars, blossom carrots and a few grapes. The container at the back holds all the sweets bits, ie some different pieces of cake (marmalade and carrot), a chocolate, some nougat, a cake pop (with the white chocolate flower) and more filled chocolates.

I guess this bento doesn’t really count as a fully balanced bento, even though it contains at least 2 portions of your 5 a day (or is it 10 a day now?), but way too much sugar…

It was quite fun though to pack a bento for someone else. Recently I have just been quickly packing some left overs or soup (or instant ramen …!…) into a box for myself without making much effort in creating something good looking. I do think the sweet bits look a bit boring because the colours are all similar but not much that one can do about that. However, the savoury part has all the different shapes cut out and is more vibrant in colour, which made a huge difference.

And my friend did agree with me that food that looks cute(r) does taste better. She even felt inspired to start cutting her cucumber and carrot into food shapes once she’s back home 🙂




I don’t often write about Korean restaurants. Mainly that’s because I actually don’t go to them that often and when I do, I usually go for a quick lunch and order a dolsot bibimbap.

However, this week, I didn’t make myself a packed lunch to write about, and I had recently been with friends to Asadal in Central London, so I thought to share this photo of our table full of delicious Korean food!

There are mandu, kimchi set, namul set, kimchi jeon, pajeon, japchae, kappongi (korean fried chicken) and teokbokki. And that was just starters!  We always tend to order loads of dishes to share before ordering our main dish – yep even after all this there is usually still space for a main 😛

I love the sundubu jjiggae at Asadal, and usually order that as main dish but I forgot to make a photo this time. Good reason to go again soon….


Name: Asadal

Address: 227 High Holborn, London, WC1V 7DA

Phone: 0207 430 9006


Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday noon-15.00 and 18.00-23.00. Sunday 18.00-22.30


London Korean Festival Trafalgar Square Sunday 9 August

Just to let you know that there will be a  ‘London Korean Festival 2015’ in Trafalgar Square on Sunday 9th August 2015, free entry!


The event brings together an exciting mix of modern and traditional Korean culture with a dynamic programme of K-Pop, dance from classic to break dance and delicious Korean food, plus E-Sports Games and live music.

  • K-Music – Leading K-Pop group f(x) & Rock band Guckkasten
  • K-Dance – Break Dancing Battles with World Champion B-boy crews
  • K-Tradition – Gilnori traditional, instrumental & contemporary dance performances
  • K-Cuisine – Live cooking demonstrations by Chef Judy Joo and Chef Joo Won & Korean Street Foods
  • K-Contents – Animation screenings, gaming & technology demonstrations, fashion shows

The event is organised by the Korean Cultural Centre UK, Korea Tourism Organisation, Korea Creative Content Agency and supported by the Mayor of London (more info here)

There is also a competion to win a free trip to Korea, you can download the form here

See you there!

Daily life in London (from 6 am till 8.30 am)

Something completely different today!

Inspired by the challenge of HarsH ReaLITy “Daily Life in ___.” I would love it if you could include some photos of your everyday life, your city, your town, or basic “daily photos” that will share your life and country with us. Remember that a view or landscape may be mundane to you because you see it every day, but to others these scenes may be as exotic as they come. I believe these posts will generate a lot of attention, interaction, and will be fun!”, I am today sharing some photo’s with you of my morning!

Warning: lot’s of photo’s

Not sure if my photo’s will count as exotic… ;-), but it was fun making them, and I got triggered to look more around me for photo opportunities and discovered some new sights!

I live in London and my day normally starts around 06.00….when it’s still dark…..although I can see the sky slowly lightning up at the back of the house.

I usually start with packing my lunch for that day before shower/getting dressed. Today we received our veg/fruit box, this is delivered overnight, and although I can check on the website what will be in it, I like the surprise in the morning. Today’s box had swede, leek, onions, cavalo nero, cauliflower, carrots, pears and oranges. I also order eggs with them (we go through a lot) and sometimes fish or meat. This morning’s fish arrived in a special insulated box with an ice pack.

My lunch today has some focaccia bread (as I am out of prepped rice), a tomato/egg salad, some cheese and carrot sticks. I also added orange wedges in a smaller container. Before leaving the house, I put rice in the cooker and time it to be ready for tonight.

It’s definitely getting lighter on my way to the station 🙂

My commute goes via Waterloo station, but luckily it’s not very busy yet – although I did leave the house earlier than usual to allow for extra time making photo’s! These are some photo’s of my commute,around Waterloo Station, the poems in the tunnel under Imax and views from Waterloo bridge.

From Waterloo, I usually take the bus to work (I work in the Bloomsbury area), but sometimes I walk, like today and once you start to pay more attention to your surroundings you notice a lot more things like this “barrel clock” – with the wrong time, a ballerina with a globe as head in a large glass globe on the facade of the Royal Opera House and this old arch for a drinking water fountain above a modern tap!

More photo’s of my walk through Covent Garden / Bloomsbury

At work! Time for tea whilst quickly uploading these photo’s and typing a draft post before work starts. (Will finish at lunch time and publish!)

Hope you enjoyed sharing part of my life 🙂

Japan Matsuri 2014 Trafalgar Square London

Last Saturday we went to Japan Matsuri, ie Japan Festival, which was held on Trafalgar Square in London.

The theme of this year’s Japan Matsuri was ‘washoku’, or Japanese cuisine…so you can imagine why I was keen to go! I normally avoid going into central London during the weekend, but with events like this, I am just so happy to live in such an international city as London!

We arrived just when it started at 11.00, but even so, the square was already heaving with Japanese residents of London, tourists and Japan(ese food) lovers. It was so cute to see little girls dressed up in kimono…I should have take a photo but I forgot. I’m sure they will show some photo’s on the Japan Matsuri website, which you can find here.

After a quick round along all the food stalls, I decided to try out the Okonimiyaki of Okan. Okonimiyaki means “as you like it” and it’s a cabbage based pancake. The version Okan served was finished with brown sauce, Japanese mayonnaise (on the side), green seaweed flakes, corn and bonita shavings.



It was very tasty, although much “looser” than I had expected, I thought it would be more like a pancake structure, but couldn’t really see nor taste much of the batter. The other dish I tried (but forgot to take a photo of) was Karaage, which is Japanese battered & fried chicken on a skewer. I was very disappointed with this, it tasted very bland, and much prefer the Korean version (Kapongi) which has lots of spice and flavour. Of course they also sold lots of bento, sushi, takoyaki, ramen and other Japanese food, but I wanted to try out food that I don’t eat often or make  myself 🙂

Aside from the food stalls, there were also plenty of stall promoting Japanese tourism or selling Japanese arts, crafts & clothes. I ended up with this stash (some things were handed out as promotion, like the fan, and the miso soup):


Yes, that’s a Bento box in the left top corner! I could only see 2 types of bento boxes sold, and this one caught my eye because it’s larger than most Japanese Bento boxes. As I am a greedy eater, large is better for me 😛

The kimono bookmark was given to me when I entered a competition to transfer as many raw azuke beans from one bowl to another bowl in 30 seconds. I failed miserable…the raw beans are so slippery! But I still got the bookmark, which is very pretty!

I bought the cute little notebook because of the design! I’m not sure who/what Pancolle is, but it looks like it’s a whole Onigiri family! Maybe I can use it to scribble down designs for my Bento…

The fabric bag with a very pretty print was given out by the Japanese office for Tourism (if I remember correctly), it’s a good size to carry my lunch to work :-). On it are two cat shaped chop stick rests I bought from Doki (who sell the most beautiful Japanese ceramics)


Am now seriously considering starting to collect cute chop stick rests….so far I only have a few, and they would be a good addition to my Bento accessories collection…… :-).

There were lots of other activities during the Matsuri, including radio Taiso, taiko drummers, Hiroko Tanake dancers and much more, but we only stayed for a short time so didn’t see everything. Still, what we say and ate (aside from the Kaarage) was worth going into central London for!

Anyway, hope everyone had a lovely weekend, and I would love to hear back if you have ever visited a Japan Matsuri and about your experiences.