Egg heart rice

A very simple but effective way to make your left over egg fried rice look more attractive!

I use a special heart shaped shape for it, but basically any metal cookie cutter would work. Just make sure that you brush some oil on the inside of your cutter, oil your pan carefully and fry on a low heat. I tend to buy large eggs, so sometimes the quantity of egg seems to large for a cookie cutter and threatens to spill, but I managed to solve that by adding the egg very slowly to the pan. That way all the egg stays inside the cutter and you end up with a nice thick egg.

Another way to quickly “cute” up your lunch is by adding small nori (seaweed) shapes. There are special bento nori cutters but I have found that paper punchers work equally well (as long as you keep them for kitchen use only).

The little onigiri shaped container has some grapes hidden under (gigantic) radishes.

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Not an egg roll

Bento with egg

Didn’t know what to call this bento today.

That’s the thing with blogging, not only coming up with ideas to pack for my lunch that are “blogworthy” (looking a bit pretty in a box) but also writing a blog post about it and coming up with a title. Sometimes I have a title or blog post in my head before even making the lunch but often it’s the other way around.

Anyway, my bento today doesn’t have an egg roll in it but it when I was rolling up the green beans in omelet strips it did make me think of egg rolls somehow. Not sure how my brain was working this morning… The egg roll that I was thinking off this morning are the savoury, deep fried ones, stuffed with bean sprouts or vegetables but I just googled egg roll and according to wiki, here in the UK an egg roll can also refer to fried egg in a bread roll. Isn’t language funny?

Aside from the “beans-in-omelet-roll”, I also packed another egg. This one is hard boiled, and you might not be able to see it properly but I “squared” it in my nifty egg cube shaper before cutting it in half to fit into my bento box. I don’t often have fruit in my bento, usually pack/eat it separately but am eating lots of black grapes at the moment and they fitted in nicely. The compartment with rice looks a bit small, but I compressed the rice quite tightly and managed to squeeze in quite a lot.

Although not very pretty, this is one of my favourite bento boxes because it’s so practical.  It has lots of lovely compartments – which makes it easy to pack lots of different items – and they can be taken out to use the box in different ways. And of course the handy chop sticks in the lid.

I posted a long time ago about all my different bento boxes (I have loads – see this post...) and if you are interested in bento boxes, I also wrote a few blog posts about specific boxes in my collection. If you select “bento box review” in the categories you can read more or click here and here.

Happy bentoing!


P.s. I just looked back at my post of October 2014 with my bento box collection and I have been quite good! Good in the sense of using most of them regularly and not adding too many new boxes. I did get a few large bento boxes  that are more suitable for a sit down lunch or dinner than for packing lunch, and also one or two other ones. Am currently dithering about whether to get a Monbento one or not. They look pretty (I love the limited edition food battle or floral one) and practical  and have good reviews but am just not sure how much added value they would bring to my collection (size and shape wise) …

Hmm… to be continued 🙂


Bread Blunch

Lunch bread bentoAnother Blunch (boxed lunch), this time with bread.

I never liked packing prepared sandwiches for lunch because they would get soggy and I have a dislike for bread that is not super fresh. When I eat bread for lunch, I tend to buy it on the day itself, or I make toast.

Packing toast for lunch works, just cool it down properly before stacking it & closing the lid, plus if you pack anything with moisture, use some “seperatators” or make sure it is completely dry on the outside. The toast will loose some of its crispness but I prefer the taste of toasted – but slightly limp – bread to the taste of 1 day old non toasted bread if that makes sense….

My Bread Blunch today has 3 pieces of toast, which I quickly cut with a cookie cutter to fit in the lunch box (cut offs for breakfast). There is some babybel cheese, hardboiled quail eggs, cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks and a clementine. The little container has some mayo/mustard mix so that I can create egg-cheese-toast-sandwiches when I want to eat. Oh and there is a tiny sachet of salt.


Lovebirds bento

Lovebirds-egg-bentoWe went to a wedding last weekend, which inspired me to make this Lovebirds Bento ♥

Initially, I was thinking of shaping a bride and groom from onigiri, but not sure if I would have enough time in the morning, so instead I created the lovebirds with an hard boiled egg. With the help of some pre-frozen rice and salmon, and boiling the egg the evening before, it still took me 25 minutes to pack. The most time was spent at adding the smaller details, like the eyes and red flowers.

The lovebirds are made from an boiled egg, halved, with a carrot beak, and they are perched on some asparagus branches. The baby corn wings are attached with a small bit of cocktail stick. Eyes punched out from nori. One bird, the male, is offering the female bird some red flowers >*<.

The other container is filled with some salmon, baby corn, radishes, asparagus, carrot hearts, heart shaped strawberries and of course I added a heart shaped food stick. Lots of love happening!

The tiny container in front has some cookies, to add more sweetness to this love story :-), and I choose to pack this bento in my flower cloud box to sort of extra symbolise the happy “cloud” the married couple are experiencing….

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Does anybody actually know the answer of this question? Or is it one of those questions that will never get answered because of it’s hidden, deeper meaning, and links with existentialism and the meaning of life and such 🙂

Anyway, it really doesn’t matter as in this bento case the chicken got eaten first…..

chicken and egg bento

This bento was very quick to make with rice, edamame beans, carrot flowers, danmuji flowers (pickled radish), hoisin chicken, cherry tomatoes and a hard boiled Hello Kitty shaped egg.

I assume you are all aware that Hello Kitty is actually not a cat but a girl? If not you can read more about it in this BBC article, but anyway, in this bento she is an egg and got eaten last 😛

Also, I am currently out & about for a few days with limited internet access. This post has been scheduled to be published whilst I’m away (the joys of WordPress…) ..but I will probably not able to respond to your comments / revisit blogs / read / like posts etc until next week. 




Football Bento!

I don’t watch the World  Cup, but I thought it was a good idea for my Bento…


bento football world cup


This is supposed to be a foot ball…I know, I think I might need to actually watch a game to see how a proper foot ball looks like…am sure that the black dots are not supposed to be this irregular….but well, if you squeeze your eyes a bit, you might think it looks like one..^-^..

The football field is made of a layer of rice, topped by some chopped edamame to represent green grass. The “football” is made of an egg with nori details. Some chicken en melon stars on the side. (There were some more veggies but they didn’t fit in the box, so I didn’t include them in the picture.

Enjoy the World Cup!

Minion Bento

Minion Bento with eggsheet


I thought it was time to try and create another character Bento, so made some Minions!

Although I like making character Bento, I am not very good at them, mainly because I don’t really have the patience for cutting out all the tiny details. But I do think they are recognizable, don’t you think so?

The minions are made out of egg sheet and the details are cut out of nori. For some reason, the egg sheet kept curling up and the nori details kept moving around, but in the end I finally managed to sort of stick it all together…I do actually think they look quite cute  ^-^

The Bento is completed with some roast chicken pieces (left over from dinner), broccoli and cauliflower and some carrot flowers. I added a small bottle of soy sauce before I closed the lid.

I hope you like my Minions Bento!