Happy Easter

Wishing everybody a Happy Easter weekend!
No packed lunch but just sharing this lovely Easter Cake I made last week.

It is a chocolate cake covered in fondant. The nests are made with (chocolate flavoured) fondant and all the little chocolate Easter eggs are attached with melted chocolate.

Obviously I had to do my research beforehand and test out the best mini Easter chocolate eggs to be used on this cake 😘…..


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Happy Easter (cake)

easter cake

Made this Easter Cake this week for the office.

It is a standard Chocolate Victoria Sponge – my non fail recipe uses 225 gr butter and 225 gr castor sugar creamed together, with 4 large (UK size) eggs, 175 gr selfraising flour, 50 gr Dutch cacao, a pinch of salt and 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder added. This cake mixture is divided over two 8 inch baking tins and baked (in preheated oven 180C) for 25 min.

To turn it into a Easter cake, I choose some chocolate finger biscuits*, mini chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies and of course those two cute chicks.  I also made a double batch of vanilla buttercream (300 gr butter, 600 gr icing sugar, 1 tbs vanilla essence). This I divided over two bowls, approx 2/3 left plain, and to 1/3 I added a few drops of green food colouring.**

After the baked cakes had cooled down properly, I used the plain buttercream to sandwich the cakes together and to crumb coat the cake. Crumb coating is done to seal in any crumbs, usually before adding a fondant layer but even when not using fondant, I feel it makes it easier to decorate the cake further. I let this crumb coat “stiffen” up a bit in the fridge, before adding a second layer of buttercream to the sides of the cake, which I used to attach the chocolate fingers. Once the cake was completely surrounded, I tied up with a little ribbon.

For the grass I used a special grass piping nozzle (Wilton 233). I can’t pipe buttercream and make photos at the same time, but it’s pretty simple a matter of placing your filled piping bag at a right angle to the top of the cake, squeeze and lift – with releasing the pressure on the bag whilst lifting. Make sure you vary the “length” of the grass a bit for a natural effect (i.e. like someone was too lazy to mow the lawn…).

Finally I added some mini chocolate eggs and bunnies. Initially I was going to put the bunnies on top of the cake as well, but the container I used for transporting this cake isn’t deep enough, so now the bunnies are standing “guard” outside the cake – attached with a little left over butter cream.

They were rather useless guards though as they got eaten… as did the cake 🙂


*alternatively you can use Kit Kat. I used Cadbury’s chocolate fingers, 2 1/2 packs were needed for a 8 inch cake.

** this makes a lot of icing! You can store leftover buttercream in the fridge for a couple of days, or even freeze it. I used the leftover icing for another cake I had made for OH’s office.


Oh, and this is how the cake looked when cut


Easter Pasta for lunch

Easter pasta

Somehow I didn’t get around to creating another Easter inspired Bento after making my carrot garden. I did think about it … ideas that came up were egg shaped sushi roll, decorated quail eggs, bunny sandwiches, chicks etc etc…but well, life got in the way…

Today I suddenly remembered that I had bought some Easter shaped pasta so I used that in today’s lunch. It’s a very simple lunch, just some pasta shapes (there is a bunny, and egg and a half hatched chick) mixed with a tiny drop of oil and edamame beans. Looking now at the photo, it seems that  most of the edamame beans are in hiding… guess I will be hunting beans instead of eggs… 🙂

I garnished the pasta with carrot bunnies and added some fresh pineapple and strawberries. Plus of course some chocolate eggs 😛

I am going on holiday tomorrow, and won’t be posting my lunches for the next week or so.

Meanwhile wishing everyone a Happy Easter and enjoy your (chocolate) eggs!


P.s.:  If you want to see some Easter lunches from last year, below are some photo’s (and if you click on the photo, it should lead you to the relevant blog post)

easter dosirak or bento with eggs Easter-Bento Easter bento lunch bunny sandwich bento with egg fried rice and bunny decoration in a bunny bowl


Easter Dosirak

Hope everybody is enjoying Easter!

I made another Easter themed lunch!


This time a Dosirak with chicks.

The Dosirak is filled with several Korean side dishes (banchan) like carrot and courgette. There is also some pickled cucumber and some sweet peas. The rice is mixed with carrot and egg.

I made some chicks from pickled radish, and put them on a slice of courgette so they are better visible. Also 1,5 boiled egg decorated as chicks. There is some gochujang in the little chick container for adding extra flavour.

happy Easter!

Bunny bowl Bento

I thought this Bento bowl is very cute for Easter!


The bowl (called WanWan with Sanpo Usagi design from Bento & Co) is very prettily decorated with bunnies, both dancing around the lower bowl, as well as on top of the lid.

It comes in 3 parts:

I filled the bottom bowl with some egg fried rice, there is finely shredded leek & carrots, some edamame, egg and crab in it. As decoration I punched a few nori rabbits.

The middle part (which has an inner lid) is filled with some salad leaves, cucumber and carrot flowers and a few more nori rabbits. The small (rabbit decorated) container has some Gochujang in it to add to the rice.

The last bowl is not filled, this acts as a lid (a bento band holds it all together), but can be used as a soup bowl. I have added a packet of miso soup to go with my lunch.

Although the Bento seems quite small, it actually packs quite a lot of food. And I love the way it fits all together.

Even though the ingredients are not very Easter themed (no bunny onigiri this time…), I think it still looks very much like Easter because of all the rabbit decorations.

Please note that I have not been asked/paid to review this Bento, the above is my personal opinion.

Easter Bento

My second Easter Theme lunch!


I really liked making this Bento.  It reminded me a bit about my first post (Bunny Bento) when I also made some bunnies.

These 2 are filled with tuna, and they are sharing a carrot flower. The ears are made with nori this time. I added some bunny decoration in the form of a food pick, some nori cuts and a divider. There are some more carrot and pickled radish flowers and various other vegetables.

Easter Blunch

I have finally started to make an Easter lunch, but because I hadn’t done much shopping, my ingredients were a bit limited….





The Easter Blunch has 3 bread bunnies, made from white bread with an egg sheet topping. I cut the egg sheet and bread together in 1 go, and decorated the bunnies with a white bread tail, and an carrot eye. The bunnies also got some carrots to eat and some flowers.

A very simple Blunch but I will try and make a few more Easter themed lunches this week.