Blogs I Follow

Below a list of just SOME of the Blogs I follow  (in alphabetic order)

Update June 2015:  I had stopped updating this list as there are too many blogs that I follow (either through WP or via a different medium).

But as of June 2015, I am going to try and revisit the blogs (in completely random order) below to see if they are still inspirational to me.

Each (re)visited blog will have some added comments.

Please note that I removed my blog roll from my home side bar (automatic widget), and the blogs below are now linked manually. Therefore, I can’t guarantee the links will always work, although I will try to keep an eye on this.  


5am Bento

Aeri’s Kitchen

An Octopus drinks Tea

Banal muffins

Bento Blog Network

Bento Days

Bento Monsters Ming is a mother to 2 boys and started making bentos in 2008, focusing on character bentos in 2011. I love how her bentos are always so creative and how she manages to make all these amazing looking characters from rice, potato or bread.  She also has some great tutorials, for example the one I followed to make these Hello Kitty steamed buns.

Bento Lunch

Beyond Kimchee

Cooking Korean Food with Maangchi This wonderful lady has been posting videos and recipes since 2007! She has made Korean cooking very accessible for non Korean speakers, and her website offers a lot of information on ingredients, technique and shops.  She also has a lot of interaction with her readers and viewers, or as she says herself: everything on this site has been driven by readers/viewers and their suggestions

Crazy Korean Cooking: Grace and Stephanie seem to be two Crazy Korean ladies who love cooking! But underneath their often very hilarious video’s, there is a mine of useful information. I love it that their recipes are very organised and quantities are easy to change in metric/us measurements and also into serving size. Lots of additional information on the website, so definitely worth checking out. And do watch one of their video’s, I think my favourite one is the Kimchi making one where they dress up as two Ahjummas!


EinfachBento written in German. But – like me – she makes Bento for herself, ie an adult not for children, and the subtitle of her blog says it all: Ausgewogene Bento für Erwachsene (Balanced Bento for adults). Her Bentos look balanced in ingredients, colours and healthy, but more important very attractive!




Japan (CAN)ada mix



Just Bento: The no 1 place to go to if you’re interested in making Bento. Full of recipes; a list of example bentos including time schedules and calorie information; tips on preparing, packing and storing bento; instructions on freezing rice; preparing a stash of Bento staples for fridge/freezer; streamlining the bento making process; a forum community and lots and lots more!

Just Hungry: sister website of Just Bento: authentic Japanese recipes and more


Korean Bapsang

Little Miss Bento Shirley Wong has been making bento’s since 2011 and is also a certified instructor in Kazarimakisushi = sushi roll art. Her bentos always look amazingly pretty and cute. She has published a Kawaii bento book and will soon be publishing another book focused on making sushi roll art.

Little thrills, little trips, little ideas

London eats

Mari’s Japanese Cookbook

Masa Japanese (and French) cooking made easy by a Japanese chef

Mom and Sisters

My Korean Husband






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