This blog started out – in February 2014 – as a photo diary of the bento and dosirak lunches I packed for myself.

As life changes, my interest has changed as well. I still make and pack lunches, but less often, and I bake more and more cakes. I especially love decorating cakes. In a way,  packing lunches and decorating cakes is actually quite similar. It’s all about playing with food, with colours and shapes. It’s about being creative and enjoying food and cake!

So instead of setting up a different blog, dedicated to cake (decorating) only, I thought my blog should combine both my interests: Bento and Baking!

The majority of my blog posts – especially in 2014-2015 is still dedicated to bento/dosirak lunches, but if you select the category baking and cake decorating, you will find more bakes.

I have put a few of my creations on this page for you – the photo should link to the relevant blog post.

You can also find more of my bakes on Instagram



Farm Cake



Chocolate Crunchie Cake

Hamburger cake

Hamburger Cake


easter cake

Easter Cake


Cow Parade Cake