More thoughts on blogging

I have previously written a post about how I feel about blogging, it remains the most read post on my blog, so clearly it struck a chord with readers. That post was written 2.5 years ago, and this morning, I suddenly felt I needed to write some more thoughts on this subject.

You see, after I take a break from blogging, like I did recently, I tend to do the same things over and over again. I quickly write down a few draft ideas to blog about in the next few weeks. And I go on an extended blog surfing trip. Not only am I catching up on the blogs I already follow, I also try to find new bloggers, follow links leading to other links, hook up at a meet & greet (can I recommend again the one at Harsh Reality), check out WordPress suggestions etc. I usually end up with adding a few more blogs to my Reader and more inspiration for my own blog.

This time however I noticed something. Namely that a lot of new bloggers announce in their first blog post that they have thought a long time about blogging and did a lot of research and/or read blog/books about blogging before their first post. I actually can’t remember doing that. I remember that one day I thought, well, why not start a blog and I just started. After that start, yes, I got dragged into the whole blog atmosphere, making connections, monitoring stats and likes, finding blog parties, but nope, all my research before starting the blog consisted of a 15 min look around which blog platform to use (= which one is free and looks easy to navigate) and another hour or so selecting a format.

Naive? Maybe. But then I never set out to be a professional blogger, to make money from it, or to promote a business. Of course, I would be quite happy to be given kitchen gadgets to review, think that could be quite a fun thing to do 🙂 but that’s not why I started this blog. I am also not a writer (I struggle sometimes to get out a coherent sentence) so there is no aim to turn my blog eventually into a (e-)book or into a cookbook. I just want to blog about what I like to eat  – mainly for lunch – and what I like to bake.  And for the last 3 years I have enjoyed blogging, although I do sometimes take a break because of lack of time, inspiration, life getting in the way, or just because I get distracted by other things.

I am actually slowly embracing other forms of Social Media. I still don’t like Facebook and don’t use it, and although I (think I) am on Bloglovin, I never really have gotten the hang of it, nor of Twitter/Pinterest. I do like Instagram though. Often I have made, eaten or seen something I quite like sharing but don’t want to write a blog post about and I do find Instagram is great for that kind of thing. Here again though I am sort of blundering my way through it, finding out how it works after I already pressed the share button, so again a case of “do first – check out how it works later”. The silly thing is that this is not actually how I am. I am a person who very much likes to be prepared, be organised, so just doing things without a proper research is not me.

And that brings me to another thought that kept coming up in my mind the last few weeks which was how impressed I am by some (new) bloggers out there, whilst at the same time realising that their blog style isn’t suitable for me. For example, two of my friends are bloggers, one of them has blogged a bit longer than I have and the other one has recently  started. Whilst both of them are in different countries, and the subject of their blogs is different, they do have in common that their blogs are both well thought out. Well prepped and set up. Their lay-out looks professional. They are clear in the style and message they want to bring out and both have (I assume affiliated) links to products, or give aways. They were both well prepared before they started blogging. More importantly, they both are very personal bloggers. With personal I mean, they blog under their own name, and share photos of their personal life.

I like the anonymity of blogging. Like? I love it. That’s also the reason why I haven’t promoted these 2 blogs or linked to them. Because I like my anonymity. And a little part of me fears that I can be linked to them through their blog. Of course my family and friends know that I blog, most of them do follow or read my blog. And when I meet new people, it sometimes comes up. But – as far as I know – no one else out there can link this blog to me. I avoid mentioning names of friends/family, avoid detailed locations or photo’s that show me. (Yes, I do check reflections in photos). I don’t share too many details of my life. If you would turn detective, I assume that most readers will have figured out that I live in London (given that I wrote a whole blog post about it), that I am female and have an OH. If you dig deeper you might also find out my OH is Welsh and am sure there are more bits and pieces that can be deduced. But there are not many “concrete facts”, nothing that is hard evidence that links Dosirakbento to who I am in real life. I even screen comments…. any comment that uses my real name gets spammed automatically.

Does that make me paranoid? Or fake? I don’t lie on my blog, what I write and post is still who I am, what I think, what I do, what I eat, everything is real, everything is personal in that way. I think the biggest reason for me not to publish my name is that deep down I am a private person. I also don’t like the idea that everything I have typed and posted out there, will remain for eternity (or whatever counts for eternity in blogging land) out there for anyone, anywhere to see and read. So I hide behind the anonymity that blogging can provide.

The silly thing is, I like reading other people’s personal blogs. I like having a little insight in somebody’s life. I love the thoughts and ideas, the daily, weekly, monthly high lights and low lights in their life. I feel happy for bloggers – who I have never met in real life- when something good happens, or sad when something bad takes place. So I don’t have any issue with them sharing their personal info, just with my own….

Which brings me to a question for my readers. What are your thoughts on sharing personal information like your real name and photos of yourself/family/friends? Where is the line between sharing details of someone’s life but not sharing similar details of your own? It’s not like bloggers are friends in real life but at the same time there is this close blogging community and I do know that some bloggers meet in real life at events and do become friends in real life as well.  I guess that each blogger has the prerogative to make that choice, and has to decide what is best for her/him. At the moment I do feel comfortable with what I do share with my readers but I am interested to read your thoughts in the comments.

And because my blog is after all about lunches and cakes, I’m sharing this recently made cake.

It’s definitely cake time here in London!



23 thoughts on “More thoughts on blogging

    • Hello MidnightMagician. Thanks for your response, the cake was indeed delicious 🙂
      It’s good to hear that readers can relate to this post, makes me feel I am not the only one wondering about what and how much to share.

  1. I started the blog with no real plan or goal…I can relate. It surprised me when folks started reading/commenting…a real bonus to the experience. I agree with your thoughts on blogging anonymously. I could not be as candid, or even as spontaneous, if not for that. My family has a digital presence. They would find my sharing of personal family stuff to be invasive, maybe even offensive. For the most part, they don’t even know I blog, and that’s okay with me. Nice post.

    • Hi vanbytheriver. Thanks for your comment. I do agree, it is kind of nice when people start commenting, to me it feels like I’m doing something that not only brings me joy to do but a little joy to others as well and that’s quite a nice feeling. Plus it’s always interesting to hear other people’s thoughts/feedback on what one blogs about.
      I don’t know whether my blog would be less candid or less spontaneous if I would blog under my real name. As most of my friends, family and colleagues know about my blog, I think it would not make a big difference. But I can appreciate that in your situation it could be different (because of the digital presence of your family), so as said, each blogger makes the choice what works best for her/him.

  2. Love the cake … so beautiful!

    I am fairly new to the blogging world …. I do post some personal & family pics – I thought about it for a bit …. talked to the family, and polled their opinions. They were cool about it, so I decided I would include them if inspiration struck that way.

    • Hi PurplePumpernickel.
      Wow, I actually never thought about asking my family but I think it’s a good idea if I would ever include any personal & family information.
      Thanks for your comment.

  3. While reading your blog i found few things common. I also started my blog just within few minutes. Sometimes i use my personal collection of photos which relate to my blogs. I found it is good platform to exchange views.

    • Hello Namrata D Prabhakar. Thank you for your comment. It’s good to read that other bloggers can relate to my post 🙂
      And yes, I agree, blogging is a great way to exchange views and thoughts.

    • Hi! Code names, great idea! I have encountered some really great ones, so maybe something I should consider if I ever want to include some more personal information.
      I definitely don’t want to fault people for how much they share on their blogs, I apologise if I inadvertently gave that impression. It’s up to each blogger how he/she approaches this, I just thought to share a bit my own thoughts.

  4. I use fake names for myself and others, and never post photographs of anybody I know (except of pets). It seems safest–especially now that I have a group of creepy strangers stalking me for the fun of it. 😛 The Internet can be dangerous, so while I’m fine with other people putting themselves out there if they want, I’d rather hide myself behind anonymity.

    • hi. Fake names = way to go! Especially if you’re being stalked, that sounds quite scary/annoying. I agree with you, you never know who’s out there and how much info you inadvertently give away, so (for me) I think it’s better to be safe than sorry. On the other hand, as I said, it’s up to each individual person to make that decision on how much to share.

  5. I concur with your thoughts. I do think Blogs stand or fall on their content whether they are anonymous or attributed to an identifiable individual is of less interest to me. It’s all about the content. If the story is consuming that is my focus, not who is authoring it. I’m not on Facebook as I’m not interested in the banal, I do love Instagram and like you use for short pieces or updates that don’t warrant a Blog post!

    • Thanks for your comment and yes, agree that content and appeal is my main reason to follow other blogs. However, I have noticed that with some “personal” bloggers, I do feel “emotionally involved” in the thoughts/issues/experiences they blog about. It doesn’t matter though whether they blog under their real name or nickname.

  6. I love the personal aspect of including photos of your friends/family in the blog and love seeing them on other people’s blogs, but for my own, the nicer photographs are just of the landscapes and scenery aha.

    • Haha. My photography skills are not the best so I guess I will stick to just photos of my lunches!
      But I have to confess I do like to see photos of other bloggers life. 😊

  7. i think when i comes to blogging, there should be no specific rules to follow. people should just blog what’s in their thoughts. kind alike an online diary. that said, my love for blogging has somewhat diminishing ever since i found instagram. i’m getting more addicted now than ever before. i can only assume you feel the same way. however, i have always been weary with the idea of sharing personal pics and/or names of family and friends. i dunno, i feel i should at least try to protect their privacy, unless they confirmed not a problem for them.

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