Bento Bits


Wasn’t quite sure how to call this Bento, but basically there are sweet bits and savoury bits in it!

This bento wasn’t made for myself, I made it for a friend who was staying with me whilst working in London. She didn’t need a bento for lunch (had already other plans) but did need one to sustain her during the day, hence the bits and pieces.

She chose the lovely rabbit/cherry blossom box for packing, so I thought that a rabbit shaped egg would be quite fitting. Other bits packed are cheese hearts and cucumber stars, blossom carrots and a few grapes. The container at the back holds all the sweets bits, ie some different pieces of cake (marmalade and carrot), a chocolate, some nougat, a cake pop (with the white chocolate flower) and more filled chocolates.

I guess this bento doesn’t really count as a fully balanced bento, even though it contains at least 2 portions of your 5 a day (or is it 10 a day now?), but way too much sugar…

It was quite fun though to pack a bento for someone else. Recently I have just been quickly packing some left overs or soup (or instant ramen …!…) into a box for myself without making much effort in creating something good looking. I do think the sweet bits look a bit boring because the colours are all similar but not much that one can do about that. However,ย the savoury part has all the different shapes cut out and is more vibrant in colour, which made a huge difference.

And my friend did agree with me that food that looks cute(r) does taste better. She even felt inspired to start cutting her cucumber and carrot into food shapes once she’s back home ๐Ÿ™‚



3 thoughts on “Bento Bits

  1. I have to say that your presentation of the food makes it so appealing that nobody could resist. When I made lunch for my husband (basically veggies and fruit), I tried to pack them in an appealing way also. You’re so creative. Hi I’m Miriam. came from Jason’s blog to visit and follow your blog so I could read more of your posts. I also like to leave 2 links, one is my recent post and one is my intro. Hope you could visit. See you soon.

    • Hi Miriam. Isn’t the meet & greet by Jason a great way to discover new bloggers? I will revisit yours and have a little browse ๐Ÿ™‚
      Thanks for your comment, I do think that it helps when food looks cute/nice, it somehow always seems to taste better…
      And how nice for your husband that you pack his lunch! Am sure he appreciates it!

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