Chasing away the rainy Monday Blues…

A cold, grey and wet Monday. Some days I just want to stay in bed! Obviously only with the remote control within reaching distance and copious amounts of tea, biscuits and other goodies ๐Ÿ˜€…

Unfortunately staying in bed was not an option today so I consoled myself with the second best alternative: comforting Korean food. 

Regular readers will know how much I love Dolsot Bibimbap so what better way to chase away my rainy Monday Blues than treating myself to a lunch out!

A lovely comforting bowl full of rice, veggies, beef and egg crisping up. Spicy gochujang sauce for that extra kick. Some soup and side dishes, the kimchi side will help combat any cold and sniffles the rain might bring on. 

Am feeling much better already ๐Ÿ˜Š

Do you have any food favourites to combat the Monday Blues?

12 thoughts on “Chasing away the rainy Monday Blues…

  1. I love home cooked meals when I’m blue or to crawl in the couch, put on some Netflix and eat an entire Totinos pizza all to myself. But Korean most Fed should make its way on my list! It’s definitely my husband’s comfort food.

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