It has been a long time since I made these!

Have not been making a lot of lunches recently – somehow I get distracted by my new cake decorating hobby – but was really craving these lovely Korean rice rolls. They are very easy to make, but a bit time consuming because the different ingredients need some prepping.

This is a very classic gimbap with omelet, beef, cucumber, carrot, spinach, danmuji and burdock. I had prepared all the ingredients the night before, making the omelet, marinating and cooking beef, stir frying the carrot etc and had cut everything in thin strips ready for packing. Cheated a bit with ready marinated spinach from the Korean supermarket.

In the morning I only had to fill and roll the gimbap, much easier now with my new sushi roll gadget 🙂

Here you can see how I made gimbap before.


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