This is a lunch I made last week when we went to watch the qualifying games for Wimbledon*. I made some onigirazu, filled with omelet, smoked salmon and green beans. Packed it with some carrot sticks, few cherry tomatoes and a piece of rainbow cake – left over from a cake I made for a colleague.

Very simple lunch but very good 🙂

I often use salmon for filling an onigirazu, but there are lots of other options, like this delicious bulgogi onigirazu made by Nami from Just One Cookbook.

Just looking at it, I now want Korean food!! Have to stock up on ingredients so will go to the Korean supermarket tomorrow. Might also treat myself to lunch ……. mjom mjom…



2 thoughts on “Onigirazu

  1. I only recently came across onigirazu, and I absolutely love them. They can be filled so much more than onigiri (I’m always shocked by how a spoonful of leftovers can somehow make enough onigiri for days) and are nice and easy to eat, all cleanly wrapped up. Your filling sounds delicious and I love the layers of colours! A bit of cake to finish up lunch, and what a perfect day 🙂

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