Brunch anyone?

wp-1457946498445.jpgI’m not a big breakfast person. Or actually I am, I love a proper fry up (think bacon, lots of bacon) but wouldn’t want that on a daily basis, more like once a month or so or perhaps as an evening meal with added fried potatoes (mjom mjom, haven’t had that for some time…)

I think my favourite meals are lunch and dinner. If I could, I would love to eat two hot meals a day – and sometimes I do …. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, back to breakfasts or in this case, back to brunch. On workdays I tend to skip breakfast, instead I eat some fruit or yoghurt halfway through the morning (it has also been known that cake makes it’s appearance around 11-ish….) and in the weekend or on my free days, it tends to be more like a brunch. Scrambled eggs is a big favourite, as is smoked salmon.

Today, I had some overripe avocado, smoked salmon and I had picked up this cheese/quark at the Polish corner shop. No clue what it was, but it was cheap and stored next to the feta type cheeses so thought to give it a try.

It turned out rather boring though as it was pretty tasteless! A bit like cottage cheese but much drier and crumblier. However, it worked pretty good together with the avocado and especially with the smoked salmon as the one I got this time turned out to beย quite salty. ย So all in all a very satisfying brunch.


Btw, can anyone guess the city on my “brot brettchen”?


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