Many sides make a main

bento sidedishesThis weekend I looked in my fridge/cupboard and there were quite a lot of ingredients that needed to be used within the next couple of days, so I decided to make lots of side dishes to pack for my lunches this week.

The side dishes I made are all Korean (banchan);

  • Some Gamja Jorim (potato side dish, which I have made before) sprinkled with sesame seeds
  • Crispy tofu cubes, marinated in soy sauce/sesame oil and oven baked. I accidentally over baked them and they are very very crispy! But still nice 🙂
  • Oi-muchim: spicy cucumber salad, I used this recipe from Maangchi, only omitted the onion and replaced that with more green onion instead
  • A few Jang Jorim: quail eggs simmer in soy sauce (I always use this recipe) which are resting on a pickled radish/carrot salad.

Jorim is a Korean name for a type of cooking which means, “food in a boiled-down soy sauce or other seasonings”, and it makes for very tasty food but unfortunately it does make everything look rather “brown”. Because of that (and also to avoid mixing the “wet dishes”), I packed my lunch in this box which has colourful compartments and a leak-proof lid. I also used lots of food picks and added a few melon balls, both for colour and for some refreshing sweetness.

I won’t need to prepare more food for this week’s lunches so I can focus on my bakes for class (see previous post) 😉



7 thoughts on “Many sides make a main

  1. I’ve got to admit, this doesn’t look very appetising — except for the melon balls. The box and picks make it way more colourful, though. 🙂

    The title of this post speaks to me on a very personal level and I realised it’s because this is basically how I make most of my meals. I’m bed-ridden and rely on carers for my meals, so for many years it was the same-old same-old. Recently (and very thankfully), I’ve been able to expand my dietary horizons a bit. I haven’t actually had any bento boxes, or the Korean equivalent, but I do take inspiration from them (including your blog). I like a lot of variety, so I tend to have “platters” made up of small portions of lots of different ingredients and colour is a huge deal when picking what to have because it’s makes all the difference.

    I might have to get some bento accessories to help make otherwise lousy-looking meals more visually appealing. And a melon baller because the ones in your lunch look awfully cute. 😀

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes, this isn’t one of my most colourful lunches but luckily it tasted much nicer than it looks.
      Using bento tools is a great way to cheer up lunches, although definitely not needed to serve nice dishes. As you write, packing colourful food and using lots of different ingredients make tasty meals.
      Glad to hear my blog inspires you and I hope you are able to expand your dietary horizons even more.

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