Temari sushi bento

temari sushi bento

Today I packed some temari sushi which is very easy to make. Basically they are little sushi rice balls with your favourite topping.

To create these, you first need to make some sushi rice. Cook short grain rice according to instructions on the pack and mix with sushi vinegar. If you want, you can use ready bought sushi vinegar/seasoning, but it is very simple to make yourself, for example Just One Cookbook has this step by step recipe.

For the toppings in my temari sushi, I used smoked salmon, cucumber, avocado and also made a thin omelet.  Any topping goes as long as it is sliced thinly and where needed cooked/blanched/prepped. Also, the temari sushi will look prettiest if you use contrasting colours (like salmon and cucumber) or bright coloured food so it stands out from the rice.

To form the temari sushi balls, you first place the topping of choice in the middle of a piece of clingfilm and then add about 1/4 -1/3 rice spoon  of cooked rice on top*. Now gather up the cling film around the rice, twist and shape the rice/topping into a ball. By twisting the cling film and tightening up the rice ball, you ensure that the topping “follows” the curve of the ball.

Keep the temari sushi wrapped until you have finished with all your ingredients. Remove the cling film and garnish with herbs, small food flowers or nori strips. These are great for serving as appetizers or on a buffet. Or in your bento 🙂


* Alternatively, if you want to make sure your Temari sushi are all even sized, you can pre-portion your rice balls either by weight, or by using an an onigiri mold. In either case keep the rice balls covered until you use them to avoid drying out.



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