To make a maki

maki roll

Making maki rolls are not my strong point, especially when in a hurry. I know “practise makes perfect”, but I am an impatient girl and I need my maki, now!

To avoid getting into a trantrum (never good when hungry), I bought myself this nifty plastic maki roll maker thingie. They come in slim and fat (I am sure they have more appropriate names, but can’t recall them – o yes, hosomaki and futomaki) and as I prefer futomaki, I got myself the fat one.


It’s very simple, prep your rice and fillings as usual. Instead of using a bamboo mat, you just rinse the plastic mould – which comes in two parts-  in water (this helps the rice from sticking to the mould).

In the bottom part, you first add a layer of rice and distribute this evenly. I found it helps to sort of follow the round shape and have a bit of a groove along the center to allow for the ingredients. Place the ingredients and top with a second layer of rice. Make sure you also add some rice on the sides before pressing with the top part of the mould. You should now have a tidy roll which you can flip over onto your nori sheet and roll.

The only reason why my futomaki doesn’t look perfectly round in the top photo is because I forgot to wipe the knife with a hot wet cloth between each cut, so it dragged a bit. The fillings this time are pretty simple, avocado, egg roll, crabstick and cucumber.

I bought mine at the Korean supermarket but you can buy (thin and fat ones) at the Japan Centre, see here.


18 thoughts on “To make a maki

  1. I’m going to get one of this plastic maki roll thing! Looks so functional, I should try to make some sushi soon.
    Thanks for sharing and also stopping by my blog! 🙂

    • Haha! I know, sometimes I really want to avoid buying another kitchen gadget but this one has really helped me making nicely shaped maki. Much easier than rolling with a mat.

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