Fancy some extra fancy?


As most readers will know, I tend to eat mainly Jaiponica rice and my favourite type so far is Koshihikari.

But I wanted to try out some Korean rice instead, however as I am pretty clueless re Korean brands I just grabbed a bag that looked good to me.
This bag drew my attention, mainly because of the new crop sticker and the “Extra fancy” text on it. Plus I liked the bunnies 😊, I think they are pounding rice for rice cakes.

This type rice seems to be called Hangawee by the brand Wang and is produced in the USA. I only bought a 10lb bag to try out but the Korean supermarket also sells it in 20lb and 50lb bags, so I guess is pretty popular here.

No clue what the other text says, but the instructions on the back all seem to be the same as with other rice: ie measure, wash, add water and cook. Oddly enough it doesn’t give any instructions on how to cook it in a rice cooker, but as I can’t seem to cook rice in any other way than in my beloved Zojirushi, I’m sure it will work out fine.

wp-1457946519481.jpgDoes anyone know this brand? Did you like – or maybe I should ask – did you fancy it?

Or can anyone recommend a Korean rice brand (that is available outside Korea)? Other brand names I have seen here in the shops are Arirang and Kyong gi. Are these any good?

Let me know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments.


8 thoughts on “Fancy some extra fancy?

  1. Sadly, I don’t live in UK so I don’t know much about Korean rice there but from what I can see online, it seems both arirang, gyong gi and even hangawee are short grain rice from US NOT Korea. Wang is a Korean company that is a major distributor of oriental foods in US and I think this one is also from US. Personally I’m not a big fan of their products but maybe this one is good since it’s EXTRA FANCY. 😉

    • It seems like most of the Korea (and Japanese) rice that can be bought here in the UK, is grown/produced/distributed in/from the US. Will have to look harder….
      We ate the rice yesterday, it was a bit disappointing, ok but certainly not extra fancy so I won’t be buying it again.
      As a non Korean it is quite tricky to find the brands that are good, part is also a matter of taste of course. I usually look at websites like yours 😁 to see if you recommend any and look for that in the shops. Plus I use a fair bit of Japanese brands that I know and like.
      Thank you for your comment.

  2. how did it come out? comparable to typical japanese rice? a lot of times i find korean rice tend to be a bit too sticky than i would have liked. stickier than japanese rice. hope this ‘extra fancy’ means better quality.

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