Grumpy Onigiri


I guess these Onigiri have the Monday Blues!

Last week I was chatting with a colleague about my blog and joking about doing an Onigiri funny faces workshop. It made me reflect that all my Onigiri faces made so far have always been a happy mix like in my Onigiri faces and Picnic bento or cute Boy loves girl. I have also turned Onigiri in Bunnies (I love bunnies, but I guess that doesn’t surprise anyone given my avatar, or another favourite of mine, these cute Piggies!

But I have never made grumpy Onigiri before so I thought it was time to do so!

These definitely have the Monday grumpiness… probably had a weekend full of partying and are now suffering from a hangover…

Hope you’re not suffering from the Monday Blues!

Any suggestions about what else I can create with Onigiri are welcome in the comments.


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