Bread Blunch

Lunch bread bentoAnother Blunch (boxed lunch), this time with bread.

I never liked packing prepared sandwiches for lunch because they would get soggy and I have a dislike for bread that is not super fresh. When I eat bread for lunch, I tend to buy it on the day itself, or I make toast.

Packing toast for lunch works, just cool it down properly before stacking it & closing the lid, plus if you pack anything with moisture, use some “seperatators” or make sure it is completely dry on the outside. The toast will loose some of its crispness but I prefer the taste of toasted – but slightly limp – bread to the taste of 1 day old non toasted bread if that makes sense….

My Bread Blunch today has 3 pieces of toast, which I quickly cut with a cookie cutter to fit in the lunch box (cut offs for breakfast). There is some babybel cheese, hardboiled quail eggs, cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks and a clementine. The little container has some mayo/mustard mix so that I can create egg-cheese-toast-sandwiches when I want to eat. Oh and there is a tiny sachet of salt.



8 thoughts on “Bread Blunch

  1. i love bread as much as rice, but more than noodle. but i get what you mean. packing bread is not the same as packing rice. bread always better when consumed right away, as it gets soggy or dry easily.

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