Quail Bunny – and thoughts on cute or not cute food


Quail rabbit

A dosirakbento with rice, cucumber, kongjaban, carrot, cherry tomatoes, some smoked salmon (this was frozen when packed, so stayed cold until ready to eat) and three bunnies made from quail eggs.

Toy Box Suburban Farm commented on my previous bento that she liked that it was a bento without faces, ie an adult one. She makes herself an adult bento every day, and although she occasionally likes cute, the main aim is to have good food.

When I started blogging about my packed lunches (wow that is already 2 years ago), I also explored a lot of other bento blogs and websites for inspiration and did notice that the majority – but not all – were aimed at making food attractive to eat for children. Apparently not only can you creative fantastic and cute (kawaii) looking creations (charaben = character bento), but by presenting (healthy) food in this way, it can help make it more attractive for children to eat. By also involving children in this process (like coming up with ideas or helping to pack it), parents could also use it as tool to teach about healthy eating.

A lot of packed children lunches that I see around on the internet are either of the charaben variety, or of the healthy variety (with often emphasis on vegan/lactose free/sugar free etc etc). The flip side of the kawaii/charaben bento is – aside from the time required –  that some schools in Japan have forbidden mums to prepare these for their kids as there was lots of unhealthy school competition of who made the cutest one….

Of course, not all bento/lunch box bloggers (and makers) feel the need to make their lunch cute, for themselves of for their children. There are a lot of adult bento/lunch box makers. After all, it is the taste that counts, or the preference to bring home made food instead of going out to buy lunch, and saving costs. Or as Toy Box Suburban Farm says, it is about good food.

What about me? Well, I am an adult and I love cute and non cute food!

That does sound a bit like Bento anynomous…my name is DB, I am an adult and I love cute bento 🙂

My lunches are a mixture of cute and non cute ones. Cutting up my food in bite size portions or using bento cutters and making onigiri, not only makes it look cuter, it is often also easier to eat – especially with chopsticks.  But, although I love playing with food, I do lack the time, inspiration and motivation to do this every day. The lunches that tend to end up on this blog, tend to be the ones that look cute, as I feel that other ones are too boring for people to look at. That is also why sometimes I take a break from blogging as I don’t have any lunches to show.

Now that I am slowly restarting my blog, I have to find that balance again that I also wrote about previously (a basic DB and thoughts on blogging).
With this specific lunch, I could have added the quail eggs as they were and/or omitted the carrot flowers, but I had the time, I like bunnies and basically I could, so why not?

The question remains of course: Did my lunch taste better because it’s cute?


(probably the same)


P.s. I just noticed that Google doodle has some bunnies today as well, leaping ones because of leap year.


6 thoughts on “Quail Bunny – and thoughts on cute or not cute food

  1. In my opinion bento boxes are a work of art itself, the bright colors, textures and shapes, even if they are not cut in a specific design/shape. There is nothing wrong with cute food of course, but what I have seen is that some people prefer not to include the cute ones because it’s time consuming and they don’t want to read those nagging comments saying “Well, nobody has the time to do that every single day!” To be honest if somebody is making my bento box I would prefer my food cut in cute little characters but if I am making it, it would be simple yet colorful.

    • You’re right, a bento should have the right balance in ingredients but also in texture and colours and that makes it attractive on it’s own 🙂

      I have been lucky in the sense that I have only received very positive comments, whether my lunches were cute or plane.

      Thanks for our comment

  2. Well, I think the cuteness definitely brings a smile to one’s face and that is a pinch of happiness added to your already tasty lunch. So if you can do it, why not! But problem is – not everyone is as talented as you.. 🙂

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