A fishy business



Edit on 15 Nov: Oops, totally forgot that I had this written this post some time ago. Instead of keeping it in my drafts it got published accidentally.

Have not forgotten my blog but just not gotten around to posting again. Maybe this is a sign I should start again….


There is something fishy going on in my lunch today!

Or at least there are some carrot fishes enjoying a swim among the prawns and the seafood pancake.

Bought the pancake at the Korean supermarket, only reheated it up this morning. Also bought some spicy fishcake and made some potato namul (julienne potato stirfried with some oil, drop of sesame oil and seasoned with gochugaru).

The other sides are cherry tomatoes and edamame, some cress and a piece of corn.



One thought on “A fishy business

  1. Nice job! I have not used cress YET, very pretty. Love you you fill in with colorS. I am always happy to see someone trying bento (I know you are not at the trying stage… just sayen) but when peeps use these divided trays they tend to not fill in and make an institutional looking meal… so thanks for this!
    Debs in Everett, WA

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