onigiri.jpegKimchi mandu & Onigiri.

The kimchi mandu were bought frozen, so I only needed to pan fry them until cooked and crispy. The onigiri are made from some rice mixed with egg and peas. Packed some veggies and strawberries and was going to put some dipping sauce into the little container, but forgot all about it!

Am looking forward to theΒ Korean Festival this weekend,Β hopefully lots of food to eat πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Dosirakbento

  1. Hello! Very cute stuff here. I’ve always wondered what it was like to eat such adorable things. May I ask who has the privilege to eat these beautiful creations? Keep up the good work, fighting! Have fun at the Korean festival!

    • Thanks!
      I actually make them for myself (an aduladu). Really enjoy packing lunch although the level of effort varies. Sometimes I feel (and have time) for cute lunches but sometimes not.

  2. that rice with egg reminds me of egg fried rice. come to think of it, you really could do this with fried rice made with left over rice.

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