Leftovers Bento


Leftovers from dinner. Not that I minded ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s actually easy to cook some extra food for dinner and useย the leftovers for lunch, especially when making dishes like this chicken & veg in oyster sauce.

All part & parcel of the bento making process, being organised and such and of course it’s also less wasteful.ย According to Love Food, Hate Waste, ย around 15 million tonnes of food is thrown away every year in the UK (7 million from our homes)!!

I am not an overly “green conscious” person, ie we drive a car, don’t always turn off lights or unplug chargers or bring our own shopping bags. And yes, sometimes food ends up in the bin… but still… 15/7 million tonnes…wow that is one big waste mountain.

Anyway, I’m glad that my leftovers from dinner didn’t contribute to that mountain but ended up in my lunch today. Plus I used reusable containers ๐Ÿ™‚

It was packedย in the containers of my Zojirushi Ms Bento lunch jar – you can also see in use in this post here. No soup this time, instead theย smallest container has some tomato salad.


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