How much is that doggy in the…

Doggy Bento

….in the window bento…

When I started packing my bento this morning, I didn’t have any plans to make a doggy. I hadn’t thought at all on what I could create, and initially I just packed the ingredients and was going to put the carrot flowers on top of the rice or adding some furikake.

But it turned out that I some time left over and suddenly when looking at the lid, I thought, hmmm that doggy should be relatively easy to create.

So out came the nori, the punch and scissors and I managed to make a sort of similar – if slightly small & different size eyed dog 🙂

Other ingredients are radish (for the tongue), cucumber flowers, carrot flowers, crabsticks and some tamago. I also used the outer bits of the cucumber flowers to fill up the bento box as it was a bit low on veggies.

Now just trying to get that song out of my head….


8 thoughts on “How much is that doggy in the…

  1. First of all thank you for liking my post on onigiri Pandas. You created something really nice here. I never thought about cutting nori myself and just used the nori punch that came with the set I bought. Find it inspiring and next time I’ll consider creating something myself.

    • Thanks for your kind comment.
      Your Onigiri Pandas were very cute. I have been looking at that onigiri set, but not yet bought it. I have a lot of nori cutters I use for facial details etc, but find cutting it by hand is easier if you need “larger” pieces.

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