Hello Kitty enjoys some Watermelon

Hello Kitty enjoys some watermelonDo you like watermelon? Hello Kitty does ^*^!

The slice of watermelon was created using white and pink rice (I used sushi vinegar powder for the pink rice and also added a drop of red food colouring). The watermelon rind is made from chopped up broccoli and the pips from nori. I also created a few smaller watermelons from cucumber and watermelon ๐Ÿ™‚

I still have most of the watermelon waiting in the fridge to be used. Nigella has this salad which combines watermelon, black olives and feta, not something I would immediately think of to do, but I can imagine it would work. Or maybe I will make some watermelon sorbet…. Plenty of ideas.

Although… I do like eating it just on it’s own, as it is always so sweet & refreshing. ย We had a party the other weekend, one of those -everyone brings food- lunches that turns into a dinner..because you keep going back to the buffet to eat some more and in the end you get to lazy to move…. ย Anyway, part of our contribution was this huge watermelon, and initially I was wondering how I would be able to cut it up. It was huge, I think 13 kg!! In the end, I kept it simple and just took off the top third, put some ice cream scoops and small bowls with it and let everyone scoop their own bit. It was a big hit, and I suppose that if there are no kids, you could consider making a “drunken watermelon” version… >.<


11 thoughts on “Hello Kitty enjoys some Watermelon

    • I will! I can imagine it will be really nice, the only thing that struck me as slightly odd is the olive oil, I’m wondering if that would diminish the “freshness” if you see what I mean…. But on the other hand, it’s Nigella…

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