Minion Bento

minion bento

“Wave”, I’m back ๐Ÿ™‚

Very busy in the last few weeks, didn’t make any packed lunches at all, but really wanted to make this Minions Bento because of the movie.

I don’t always have time to make kawaii (cute) bento, as they are quite time consuming. But I am always full of admiration of two few bento bloggers I follow who both make kawaii bentos:

  • Little Miss Bento: Shirley Wong has beenย making bento’s since 2011 and is also a certified instructor inย Kazarimakisushi = sushi roll art. Her bentos always look amazingly pretty and cute. She has published a Kawaii bento book and will soon be publishing another book focused on making sushi roll art. I only ever attempted to make Kazarimakisushi myself (see here), but would love to learn more about this so will put her book on my wishlist…
  • Bento Monsters.ย Ming is a mother to 2 boys and started making bentos in 2008, focusing on character bentos in 2011.ย I love how her bentosย are always so creative and how she manages to makeย all these amazing looking characters from rice, potato or bread. ย She also has some great tutorials, for example the one I followed to make these Hello Kitty steamed buns.

Myย Minion Bento above is my attempt to recreate thisย Minion Food Art that Bento Monstersย posted a few weeks ago. She actually made several Minions, but I thought these were the easiest to recreate with the ingredients I had at home.

The rice is coloured with cooked egg yolk (I wasn’t quite sure how many eggs I would need as I had never used this mixture before, these are 2 yolks for about 1.5 cup cooked rice), and the details are made with courgette, nori, egg white, radish and parsley. ย I don’t have a lot of patience, hence the lumpy legs/arms but still…definitely Minions ๐Ÿ™‚

Side dishes are courgette strips, strawberries and some dumplings.


This blog post is part of my attempt to clean up my Blogs I Follow list


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