Quick bento

imageNothing exciting, just a very quick lunch from left over rice & meatballs. Although I did “make” a “Japanese Flag”… ๐Ÿ™‚

Am a bit busy with other kitchen activities, might post about that next week.

Until then, keep well & take care!


P.s. am trying to catch up on posts via my WP reader..but a) some blog posts don’t show up anymore in my WP reader – ie very annoying and b) I need more time!

As I actually commented recently in reaction to another blogger’s post about whether you can be lonely as a blogger, I had to respond I don’t feel lonely at all.

Before I started to blog, I wasnโ€™t that much into Social Media and not aware at all of all the blogger communities, interaction, groups etc etc that exist. Only once I started blogging I discovered all these other people, and now I have a lot of interaction with bloggers all over the world. These are people I would never have โ€œmetโ€ ย were it not for โ€œBloglandโ€

Have to say I have also beenย lucky as almost all of the bloggers I interact with are friendly, and give great feedback or advice on my blog. In my turn I try to make new contacts with other bloggers by finding new blogs (using the WP tag function) and by liking & commenting on other blog(post)s.

So, my blogging limitation (aside from technical knowledge) is more time related. I wish I had more time to invest in my own blog, as there are so many ideas in my head that I want to create.

But I also wish I had more time to interact more with others as giving and receiving feedback/comments is really motivational.ย 


5 thoughts on “Quick bento

  1. What are the cute thingies in the meatballs? They look like mentos.

    It’s hard to catch up on reading blog posts, isn’t it? There are so many posts waiting to be read in my inbox.

  2. Piggie market foodpicks! Where did you find those? I must explain “piggy market”. It’s my little ones way of saying anything pig. Why? From “This little piggy went to market…” ๐Ÿ˜€ Wee toddler-chan calls elephants Wrinkles (or horse) from a kids song about elephants having wrinkles and roosters are called cockadoodledo. Tee hee! And agreed about your comments about blogging. I’ve also got a ton of ideas but not a ton of time. How are your other social media forays going?

    • Sorry, it has been so busy here in the last weeks. I haven’t had time to blog at all until today.
      Am not doing much re other social media, aside that my posts are linked to Blogloving & Twitter, but I don’t really use those to interact with others. Am hardly keeping up with WP as it is….

      • I hear you about other social media. My efforts on Twitter are very much one-sided. I keep thinking about pinterest but don’t have any time for it right now.
        And no worries! I figured you were busy. As you know with me, I visit your space in fits and spurts and then disappear for a while. ๐Ÿ˜€

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