Caterpillar Bento & Korean translation help?

caterpillar bentoMade another caterpillar bento (this was my previous one) 

This time the “earth” is made from some precooked marinated beef (soy & garlic), and I also put a little bit of the beef in each onigiri. Added carrots, asparagus, green beans and courgette. Plus some carrot flowers, a radish flower and quail egg flowers.

The quail eggs are coloured with food colouring, but I used a bit too much for the blue one…it is rather vibrant blue isn’t it? I read somewhere that in nature the colour blue signals danger/poison, but in this case the egg flower is edible!

You might also have spotted that I have a new bento box! Couldn’t resist it as it was very cheap, on special in the Korean supermarket…. Plus an useful shape which I don’t have yet.. 🙂

Yep…I am just trying to justify another box…. But it really does look like a practical box that I can use often, it has a lid with pop up handle to carry it, and a “thingie” to close the box airtight. It is metal lined inside so should retain heat/cold bit longer than my other boxes, but this also means it will not be microwave proof.

The only problem I have (aside from finding space to store it)  is that that I can’t read the instructions so I don’t know whether it’s dishwasher proof….  – my Korean is limited to deciphering the menu and an occasional hello or thank you…

I have posted below photo’s of the little booklet, and am hoping that any of my lovely readers could help me out on this :-). Looking forward to see some translation help in the comments…


17 thoughts on “Caterpillar Bento & Korean translation help?

  1. Hi, I will translate briefly something might be important from the instruction on that paper.

    1. Do not keep in a fridger.
    2. Do not use in a microwave.
    3. Do not boil the container.
    4. If you use it for liquid food, keep it upright. (but it is best not to use it for liquid food.)
    5. If you use if for coloured food(naturally or artificially) for long time, it might be dyed partially.
    6. Use a non-stick sponge for washing up.

    I hope it would be helpful for you.
    Lovely dosirak and bento!!

  2. love the mix of vibrant colours in this bento! The box is very nicely designed with the handles, save having another bento bag to put in the box. ^_^

  3. Ah, this bento gives me some inspiration on how to fill in the gaps on my bento. I made one yesterday but somehow thought it didn’t look ‘compact’ enough. It was too neat and equal looking, lol. I will try to use carrot sticks or asparagus next time 🙂

  4. Yes! That is a vibrantly blue egg. I’ve bought quail eggs a few times now and all because of you. Ha! By the way, have you noticed floating eggs if you boil them? I figured they must be old if they don’t sink right away. The other challenge is quite a few already cracked ones when I open the package. Boo! But I’ll keep buying them. And I still have to try that recipe you recommended.

    • Odd that they would crack, as I always found that quail eggs seem to have a harder/thicker/tougher shell than chicken eggs… at least I struggle sometimes to crack them!
      Yes a floating egg is an old egg, apparently the amount of air increased the older an egg is. Quite useful for when I’m not sure anymore how old the eggs are….

      • That’s interesting that you’ve found they don’t crack! I don’t know why they crack. Maybe it’s how they are packaged or perhaps the handlers are too rough once they leave the quail farm??

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