Onigirazu & Blogs I follow

OnigirazuAnother Onigirazu lunch!

Onigiri or Onigirazu are a great way to use up leftovers. My filling this time was some left over cooked salmon and green beans from dinner + some smoked salmon that needed finishing. I added some radishes, cherries and an apricot towards my five-a-day 🙂

You can find a tutorial on how to make Onigirazu in the post here

So re the title bit that says: Blogs I Follow: I know that some of my readers will see only a limited part of my blog, ie only the blog post itself, but as others will know, I do have some other pages on my blog like Where to buy bento products, Packing and decorating tips and also a page about Blogs I Follow. I don’t update these pages very often, only when I think about it (and when I have time), but I thought it would be a good moment to revisit some of the Blogs I Follow. Not only to see if they still exist… but also to see again why they are inspirational to me.

When I started blogging in Feb 2014, I was quite new to the world of lunch boxes, and I googled a lot to find other blogs about lunches/lunchboxes/bento and consequently followed a lot of bloggers (on WP alone about 300 apparently..) The majority of my bento ideas were & are often shamelessly nicked  ehh inspired by other very talented bento bloggers.  And although I always will try to link back to these blogs, sometimes I forget, or quite often I also can’t remember where I got my idea from, whose blog or lunch inspired me, or whose photo had me grabbing my bento tools to get started!

I also used to be part of a few bento linkup parties, but unfortunately some of these have stopped completely or others are continuing in another format where I feel my blog doesn’t really belong anymore (mainly aimed at children’s food/snacks – whilst my lunches are aimed for me…an adult who occasionally likes cute bunnies in her lunch box.. 🙂

However they are a great way to meet other bloggers and get inspiration, and I will still try to see if there are other (food related) link-up parties I can join, but maybe some that are less bento specific (for example, like Our Growing Edge).

I have been wondering if there was a way for me to “link up” with the blogs that I find inspirational, but my technical blogging skills are limited and I won’t have the time to host a link up party.  But quite recently I dedicated a blog to another bento blogger (Einfach Bento, see this post), so I was thinking, hmmm I could do this, promote inspirational blogs on my blog by writing about them! Also, it would be a great way to revisit and clean up my Blogs I Follow list 🙂

The only problems I can foresee are that it will take me ages (lots of inspirational bloggers on my list!), I don’t want to write a separate post for it – I’d rather include it in an blog post that I am already writing, and I don’t want to commit myself to a “weekly” revisit blog post. But those are minor issues, and the only way to know is to get started!

So, long story, but in short:

  • I will slowly revisit in random order my Blogs I Follow list
  • I will “clean up” the list and add comments to each blog
  • I will sometimes “highlight/promote” a revisited blog in a blog post

to be continued….


8 thoughts on “Onigirazu & Blogs I follow

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  2. that onigirazu looks good. i too have cleaned up my ‘blogs i follow’ list. twice, in fact. we all need to do this as we sometimes keep adding more new blogs to follow, hence too many to follow.

    • My blog list doesn’t even show all the blogs I follow….there are so many interesting blogs..but I just wish I had more time to read properly, comment, reply etc etc

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