Lovebirds bento

Lovebirds-egg-bentoWe went to a wedding last weekend, which inspired me to make this Lovebirds Bento ♥

Initially, I was thinking of shaping a bride and groom from onigiri, but not sure if I would have enough time in the morning, so instead I created the lovebirds with an hard boiled egg. With the help of some pre-frozen rice and salmon, and boiling the egg the evening before, it still took me 25 minutes to pack. The most time was spent at adding the smaller details, like the eyes and red flowers.

The lovebirds are made from an boiled egg, halved, with a carrot beak, and they are perched on some asparagus branches. The baby corn wings are attached with a small bit of cocktail stick. Eyes punched out from nori. One bird, the male, is offering the female bird some red flowers >*<.

The other container is filled with some salmon, baby corn, radishes, asparagus, carrot hearts, heart shaped strawberries and of course I added a heart shaped food stick. Lots of love happening!

The tiny container in front has some cookies, to add more sweetness to this love story :-), and I choose to pack this bento in my flower cloud box to sort of extra symbolise the happy “cloud” the married couple are experiencing….


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