Hosomaki – thin sushi roll bento

hosomakiRolling sushi is not my best culinary skill, especially in the morning, but I was so happy that I finally had a perfectly ripe avocado, that I couldn’t resist making some quick hosomaki for my bento today.

Hosomaki are thin sushi rolls, with only 1 ingredient. I made avocado and crabstick hosomaki, with some wasabi added for the crabstick ones – hence the greenish rice. I didn’t have much time left over to pack my bento, so just added some cherry tomatoes, little soy sauce bottles and a small container with gari (pickled ginger).

This bento box comes with it’s own chopsticks and chopstick rest, cleverly hidden under it’s top lid.

And maybe I am being very silly….but I wish they were able to produce squareย – and always perfectly ripe -avocado’s! Can you imagine how much easier it would be to cut ย for your sushi filling… ๐Ÿ™‚



11 thoughts on “Hosomaki – thin sushi roll bento

  1. Ha ha! Well, there are cube-shaped watermelon in Japan so I imagine a similarly shaped avocado is possible. Nice rolls! They look very balanced. By the way, a new Korean restaurant opened about a month back and is doing really well. I’m hoping my fam and I can get there soon. The concept is supposed to not be typical so I’m looking forward to whatever that is. !!

      • Will do! I also thought of you yesterday when I was buying groceries. I overheard the woman behind me ask the cashier about making kimchi. When she was packing her groceries across from me we started chatting more. She was saying how her boys love Japanese food and she wanted to try more fermented food as well. This would have been a great time to have you there! I don’t think all my advice was well informed. Ha ha!

  2. I thought makis are just makis – didn’t know there’s another name for thin ones ๐Ÿ™‚ Love avocado in makis! I had some recently that I got from a sushi shop and they mixed chopped avocado with mayo to give it a more creamy consistency. It was yum!

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