Roast Chicken Blunch with Jerusalem Artichoke

This Blunch is dedicated to Bentolily from Einfach Bento.


Last week I put out a challenge to my readers. Never having cooked with these before, I asked my readers to come up with suggestions on how to use Jerusalem artichoke in my lunchbox (read more here) and promised to dedicate the resulting lunch to the reader who came up with a workable suggestion.

Well, Bentolily came not only up with one suggestion, no, she made lots of different suggestions and even sent me a recipe of her favourite way to use Jerusalem artichoke (aka topinambour or sunchoke) as a spread for bread.

One other reader (Ad – no blog, so I can’t link back) also suggested cooking them sous vide, with a bulgogi or kimchi marinade. Although I liked the idea of trying out the souse vide (never done that before either), I felt that an bulgogi or kimchi marinade might be too overpowering for the slightly sweet, nutty flavour of the Jerusalem artichoke.

Aside from the spread,  Bentolily also suggested that roasted slices might work best for a Bento, and that gave me the idea for this Roast Chicken Blunch.

Here in the UK one thing that the British cuisine is known for are their Sunday Roast lunches, served with “all the trimmings” ie roast potatoes, roast veggies, cooked veggies, yorkshire puddings (with beef only). As it’s just two of us, I don’t often bother with a huge beef or lamb roast, instead we opt for the roast chicken with the bonus that I can use the leftovers for my lunches 🙂

So yesterday I duly roasted a chicken, carefully saving the drumsticks for today to pack into my Roast Chicken Blunch. –  I am calling it a blunch = aka boxed lunch, as it doesn’t contain Japanese or Korean food. It was a great excuse though to pack it in my lovely shokado bento box, a very traditional box that you often see in use at Japanese restaurants. I bought mine at Japancentre – . I also saved some of the roast potatoes & carrots. I roasted some J. artichokes separately, very simple with just some olive oil, garlic, rosemary and salt and kept some of this for today as well. I didn’t peel the J. artichokes, and with hindsight, next time I might as the peel was a bit chewy to eat, think I will have to experiment a bit more with this vegetable.

Today I sliced the left over J. artichokes in 1 cm thick slices and steamed these. After steaming, I used my flower cutter to create the flowers, adding a pea for the heart. I also steamed some more veggies and reheated the roast potatoes and chicken drumsticks, arranging it all in the bento box. Finally I added some redcurrant jelly in the smallest compartment and parsley to decorate.

And as traditional with a Sunday Roast.. – even if it’s Monday – I ate my boxed chicken roast lunch at lunch time! 😛

P.s. Bentolily also warned me about the flatulence inducing capacity of Jerusalem artichoke (caused by the inulin it contains). Luckily it is a Bank Holiday today, so no need to expose my co-workers to this risk ….. 🙂

P.s.s. BentoLily has a great blog called Einfach Bento (Simply Bento), and the only reason why I hadn’t found her blog previously is probably because she writes in German. But – like me – she makes Bento for herself, ie an adult not for children, and the subtitle of her blog says it all: Ausgewogene Bento für Erwachsene (Balanced Bento for adults). Her Bentos look balanced in ingredients, colours and healthy, but more important very attractive!

If you don’t read German (luckily I am reasonable ok with German), don’t worry Google translate is your friend :-). It’s definitely worth checking out her blog!


7 thoughts on “Roast Chicken Blunch with Jerusalem Artichoke

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  2. I hadn’t spent enough time on my WP reader recently so didn’t realise I’d missed out on so many of your posts but I’m catching up now 🙂 One thing that I love most about your bentos – honest and clean flavours. There’s no need for any gravy or sauce to cover up the natural flavour of each ingredient and that’s something I ought to do more in my cooking 🙂

    • Thanks for your kind comment. I do flavour my ingredients sometimes like bulgogi pork or mince but packing food that requires sauce or gravy is quite tricky because it might leak during transport or and up all messy looking…

      • I agree. Most likely the rest of the ingredients in the bento might be made soggy too because of the extra liquid. Nonetheless, I think ingredients should be enjoyed in their actual form as much as possible so your bentos are exactly a reflection of that 🙂

  3. gosh, i can’t remember the last time i had jerusalem artichokes. i think the last time i had it, it was made into a mock-mashed potato, for healthier substitute. or maybe roasted with other root vegetables to go with roast beef. i simply can’t remember. it’s been too long. we don’t grow it or import it here where i live.

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