Kimchi & Onigiri Dosirakbento

kimchi-onigiri-dosirak-bentoThis actually might be the sort of lunch that my blog is all about: Korean and Japanese food inspired lunchboxes! The Korean dosirak is represented by the Kimchi and the Japanese bento is represented by the Onigiri 🙂

It is not a fancy lunch, nor is it gwiyomi/ kawaii (cute) with funny details, shapes or made using special tools or packed in a pretty bento box. But it is the kind of food that I love and like having in my lunchbox.

The onigiri was shaped by hand (whilst I was -not so- silently cursing because of the hot rice), I added lots of veggies (and colours) and the kimchi is home made. The only extra thing I did was adding a little silicone mould for the kimchi and that is only because it would otherwise stain the container.

I filled the onigiri with spicy salmon: left over cooked salmon with wasabi. I also have to tell you that the home made kimchi is actually not home made by me….but by the local sushi shop 🙂

Huh? Sushi is Japanese isn’t it? Yes, but my sushi shop is quite small and owned by a Korean family. I am such a regular customer that they greet me by name, sometimes offer me miso soup whilst waiting (no pre-packed sushi here, only made to order) and I often end up chatting quite some time about Korean food and K drama…

I was there yesterday evening to treat myself to some sashimi and one of the guys had brought in home made Kimchi for himself, and very kindly gave me some to take home!


It is Mak Kimchi: ie chopped up / lazy  / easy kimchi and if you want to make it, Maangchi has a good recipe here.

This was a delicious lunch 😛 even if it lookes a bit plain…

As most of my readers know, I pack my lunches early in the morning, before going to work, so I don’t have much time to go crazy & creative. And although I also like making the cute lunches that you have (and will) see on my blog, it’s often a question of finding the time & inspiration for it.

I guess it’s all a matter of balance 🙂 … as are most things in life!


P.s. Have you read my Jerusalem artichoke challenge? In my previous post I asked readers to inspire me to cook with Jerusalem artichokes for my lunch box…you can read more here…. To be continued…

P.s.s. If anyone living in or nearby London and is interested in K-cuisine: the Korean Culture Centre is currently organising some lectures on K-cuisine. Unfortunately I missed the first ones, but I will be going next week (featuring Bibimbap) and next month (Bulgogi). More info can be found on the website of KCC.



16 thoughts on “Kimchi & Onigiri Dosirakbento

    • I think it’s open to anyone who is interested in Korean food. I haven’t been to one yet, but they have a short you tube film of the previous ones and it looks very informal and nice. Plus you get to taste some food!

        • Ah yes, free food is always nice. 😜

          And these lectures don’t seem to be commercial or so (like buy this or this brand product). They really seem to aim to promote and educate about K-cuisine in general.

          (I might be wrong though and they could be heavily sponsored by the big Korean food companies …..)

  1. actually this post is very influential. first it made me realise what nigiri is. when i looked at the picture, i thought the rice rather plain, because i did not know inside it is something else again. until i hear u mention nigiri and all the types that there are of it, made me google it, and i was surprised at how much more than just a lump of rice.
    the other influence, is that it made me stop everything and take the bus to see that exhibition at the korean centre, as it finishes so soon. i did not even know that place was a korean centre and there are so many activities they sponsor there.

  2. Itai! Itai! Itai! Achi! Achi! Achi! Hot! Hot! Hot! There’s no way around shaping hot rice with your hands. 😀 I love a simple lunch like this, too. This whole set was pretty standard for us in Japan. We don’t often make onigiri…. too lazy… instead doing lazy onigiri but found fantastic homemade reasonably priced onigiri at a little cafe right before we moved a few months back. *wah!* That will be our first stop when we head back for a visit next month. And that kimchi looks delectable!

    • Sometimes I use clingfilm to shape the rice…but it’s still hot!hot!hot!….
      Maybe you should make lazy onigiri, like the lazy sushi…just a rice ball with the filling on top 🙂

    • Haha! Yes I did.
      I know, often I think hmm that looks boring and I quickly add some nori details but this time I really couldn’t bother or ran out of time…

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