Sheep in the hills


The last few weeks have been hectic, it’s very busy at work plus I had several trips and visits. My lunches are looking boring, usually just some rice with leftovers from dinner (quickly squashed into a container & definitely not photo worthy) or shop bought sushi or salads.

And although I don’t think that all my lunches have to look pretty or cute, they should look at least attractive enough to appear on this blog 🙂

But hooray, today I had some time and even more importantly, inspiration for a cute bento! The title: Sheep in the hills, is inspired by the trip I made last month to the Lake District.

(Lake District = plenty of hills & plenty of sheep, the cucumber slices represent the hills. Sheep are made from crabsticks, ham, olive and nori, and the other container holds some shrimp dimsum and veggies. Rice is under the cucumber)

The main reason or better said, instigation/motivation/inspiration for this visit were the tweets by HerdyShepherd (@herdyshepherd1) (hope this links to his twitter account). I am very new to Twitter and totally clueless how it works, but this guy tweets a lot of pretty (and honest) photo’s about his life working a sheep farm. His tweets have been gathering lots of followers, I think he has more than 60,000 followers now (or in his word, more than any other sheep farmer in that area….of course he doesn’t add that he is probably the only sheep farmer in that area that tweets…) and not only are the photo’s stunning, but he also gives a lot of information, answers questions, shows the good and the less good (read challenging) sides of sheep farming and has a great SOH!

He has also written a book, The Shepherd’s Life, which has been in the top charts for several weeks if not months, and I can definitely recommend  reading it! I actually read it back on the train after my visit – having bought it during the holiday, but wish I had read it on my way up as I would have appreciated the beautiful and historic landscape even more.

It was my first visit to the Lake District and WOW, I just can’t describe how pretty it was, but maybe these photo’s will give you an impression (all made with my phone, the reality was even more stunning!)



9 thoughts on “Sheep in the hills

  1. wow. awesome pics. i’m envious. i could picture myself roaming through the hills and valleys, and maybe, just maybe, verbalizing melodic words… ‘the hills are alive with..’

    • Haha, I will have to go back and sing it on your behalf…..maybe….
      (the singing maybe…..not so maybe about going back, it’s such a beautiful area and I have only seen a small part of it)

    • You’re welcome!
      Glad that my struggle with Twitter at least made a positive connection 😊

      I am really thinking I need to get myself on a social media course or at least get some help as am struggling to work out how Twitter, google+, blogloving etc all works. My main focus has always been the WordPress blog but somehow I thought it might be good to venture out a bit….now feel like I shouldn’t have as feel completely out of my depth… Oh well, we live & learn…

      • Egad, yes! I do Twitter but not really. It’s basically a link holder for me and people keep following but I don’t do much to interact other than following back if the site is not completely bizarre/spam or something else questionnable. I think if someone has the time and inclination to focus on other social media, great, but sometimes you get spread too think and then it becomes a chore. I think it should at least be fun!

        • Have the same! My main focus is WP, I only added Blogloving/Twitter etc now as some people find that easier to use/can follow me on those media…but yes, I just don’t have the time to fully interact with others outside of the WP environment (plus I finally understand WP a little bit…)

          • Me, too! It’s taken a while for me to understand what type of community WP is. I just realized that all of my followers save for a tiny handful (of my tiny number of followers), are from WP. And I’m seeing more now how the stats are so wonky since they don’t capture views through the reader… something you mentioned to me ages ago when I was moaning about low stats. And then I go and interact with people and then they interact back with me (sheesh!) and then I have to interact back and that takes time. ;D

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