Freezer rice Bento

Freezer-rice-bentoThis is what happens when you go away over the Bank Holiday weekend, return, want to pack a lunch and forget that your fridge is empty…., you end up with freezer rice bento ๐Ÿ™‚

Actually, the carrots are fresh. I never seem to be without carrots; they keep well, are versatile and healthy, add a bright colour and I like them! Enough reasons to give them a star shape in my bento today.

The main part of the bento is made from my lunch-food-items-supply-in-keep-in-the-freezer. Firstly mixed vegetable rice: basically I took some rice and mixed this with peas, corn and edamame beans whilst reheating. The veg made it quite bulky, so I used a largish box, and packed it on both sides, separating it with some tamago. There is less veg-rice in the left part of my box, as I topped that partย with salted salmon (quickly pan-fried).

Lastly some soy sauce and seaweed snacks. Hooray, still an attractive bento!

This week my sister is visiting with her daughters, so whilst I shall not be making any dosirak/bento for myself, we might have an impromptu onigiri party & go wild with my nori punches to create some cute faces :-). ย Not sure if I will have time to post about it, so I will leave you all with some links to show you what I mean… (clicking on the photo should take you to the relevant blog post)…

Boy and Girl


Onigiri bunnies and faces



8 thoughts on “Freezer rice Bento

  1. the korean and japanese frozen/fridge-stored cooked rice are always good. certainly helps when one is in a hurry and got no freshly cooked rice ready.

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