Fish cake Gimbap

Today I made fish cake Gimbap (Korean Seaweed roll, aka kimbap)!

Fish cake kimbap

Although I love gimbap, I don’t make it very often because I never manage to make just 1 roll! You need quite a few different ingredients, especially if you are making it from scratch, so I  usually end up with at least 2 if not 3 or even 4 rolls…and subsequently am eating gimbap for lunch and dinner and snacking!! I have a few shops nearby where I can buy  just 1 roll of ready made gimbap, but I prefer to have home made, as I can choose the ingredients and adept to my taste. Luckily now, thanks to Kimchimari, I finally know what to do with left over Gimbap, eat it hot!

My gimbap today has a fish cake filling instead of beef. Fish cake is a seafood product made from fish, starch, sugar and vegetables. In the Korean kitchen, it is often used as an ingredient, for example in soups and stews, or as a side dish. You can also find it as street food, served on a skewer in broth. I really like Eomuk Bokkeum: spicy stir fried fish cake with vegetables and am always very happy when they serve this as a side dish 🙂

As you can see, the fish cake in my gimbap has “leaked” a bit of sauce into the rice, but I guess that just make the rice even more tastier :-). The other ingredients for the filling are spinach, egg, danmuji, burdock and carrot.

I made gimbap before, and you can find loads different recipes & tutorials on internet. Websites that I use a lot (for Korean recipes) are Maangchi, Crazy Korean Cooking and of course bloggers like Kimchimari, Beyond Kimchee and many many others!

My dosirak was completed with some pretty orange cherry tomatoes, and raspberries and blueberries. I am so happy that the berry season has started. Have been checking our local PYO farm but will still have to wait until at least June before I can start picking strawberries. Until then I just have to buy them in the shops or market but at least they are a bit more available (and affordable).


10 thoughts on “Fish cake Gimbap

  1. Pretty Kimbap!! I thought about mentioning fish cake but glad you made one with it. 🙂 I am also happy to hear that you found my tip for leftover Kimbap useful. Love to hear how you like it. Keep up the great work!!

    • Thanks for your comment! I really liked the tip for hot kimbap as now I will make it more often myself knowing I can eat leftovers a day later.
      And it is very tasty! My only problem was that some rolls ‘unrolled’ a bit whilst frying and some of the filling wanted to escape….

  2. I love how you put blueberries in raspberries. That reminds me of baby plopping raspberries on the tips of tiny fingers and wanting me to do the same. (And sing where is thumbkin? :D) How was your family visit?

    • Busy busy busy….don’t know what it is by life is pretty hectic at the moment… so hectic that I haven’t even been making lunches! The visit was lovely (if a bit tiring…)

      • Life is like that sometimes, eh? And what pray tell are you eating then if not your wonderful lunches?! ;D I’m teasing of course. I think you have mentioned some good take out in the area?? I think I can understand too about tiring visits. It’s full on with family around sometimes, especially if there’s lots of catching up to do. I think they were visiting from out of town??

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