Lock & Lock Dosirakbento

imageI’m back! Did anyone miss me 😉 ….

Hope everyone is doing well. I took a bit of a blogging break, initially just because I went away on holiday, but then 1 week turned into 2, and 2 turned into almost 3…but well, sometimes life just gets in the way…

I didn’t make any bento lunches since early April, although the rice cooker went with us on holiday :-P, if I don’t eat rice for more than 3 days I get detox symptoms (read grumpy…). Now I think about it, I did actually make some Onigirazu for taking on a picnic, but I forgot to make pictures of them.

Anyway, today I packed my lunch in one of my Lock & Lock Bento boxes. It’s a combination of Japanese and Korean inspired food, and it doesn’t really have a theme nor is it very kawaii/kwiyomi, so I kept the name simple as well 🙂

The containers hold rice, broccoli and Beef Gochujang (you might remember, I posted the recipe here). I put the Beef Gochujang in a little containers as it does stain a lot and the sauce has some liquid in it.. There are also some salad leaves, more broccoli, more Beef Gochujang, some quail eggs and carrot flowers. The last container has fruit and (sweet) tamago.  I also packed some seaweed crisps for snacking.

If you are familiar with Korean BBQ you’ll know that the best way to eat is to make little parcels; ie piling rice, meat and sauce on your salad leaf and then trying to stuff it all together in your mouth. Mjammie! Or in someone else’s…I have noticed often in K-drama that people feed each other, (grand)mothers their (grand)children, couples each other… etc. It looks a bit like it’s an expression of love…quite cute I think.

Oh, talking about Kdrama, series 2 of Let’s Eat has started!!! I am a bit obsessed about K-drama that features food (how surprising!) and I loved the first season 🙂 Haven’t start watching the new series yet, I am waiting until all episodes are available online with subtitles and will have a Let’s Eat marathon session >*<…

Plus, life is a bit busy at the moment, so the last thing I have time for is watching Kdrama….it’s just too addictive and I can’t stop after just 1 episode….  I will be away again for a few short trips and also have family visiting this month, so not sure how much I will be blogging /reading blogs in the next couple of weeks…but hopefully will have a bit more time again next month.

Meanwhile, keep well and keep safe 🙂



18 thoughts on “Lock & Lock Dosirakbento

    • Thank you. I’ve noticed that when I make tamago in advance they always end up tidier than when I have to make it on the spot, so now often make and freeze in portions.

  1. yes. life DOES get in the way sometimes. i was off blogging for like… few months? lol. i tried to get back to reading books. since then, 3 books done. i missed reading non fictions. anyways, i’m also back recently. will post more.

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