Easter Pasta for lunch

Easter pasta

Somehow I didn’t get around to creating another Easter inspired Bento after making my carrot garden. I did think about it … ideas that came up were egg shaped sushi roll, decorated quail eggs, bunny sandwiches, chicks etc etc…but well, life got in the way…

Today I suddenly remembered that I had bought some Easter shaped pasta so I used that in today’s lunch. It’s a very simple lunch, just some pasta shapes (there is a bunny, and egg and a half hatched chick) mixed with a tiny drop of oil and edamame beans. Looking now at the photo, it seems that  most of the edamame beans are in hiding… guess I will be hunting beans instead of eggs… 🙂

I garnished the pasta with carrot bunnies and added some fresh pineapple and strawberries. Plus of course some chocolate eggs 😛

I am going on holiday tomorrow, and won’t be posting my lunches for the next week or so.

Meanwhile wishing everyone a Happy Easter and enjoy your (chocolate) eggs!


P.s.:  If you want to see some Easter lunches from last year, below are some photo’s (and if you click on the photo, it should lead you to the relevant blog post)

easter dosirak or bento with eggs Easter-Bento Easter bento lunch bunny sandwich bento with egg fried rice and bunny decoration in a bunny bowl



20 thoughts on “Easter Pasta for lunch

  1. Fabulous work! How was the pasta? I don’t buy this sort of thing much due to low quality taste but I assume some tasty ones must be out there. 🐥 We had quail eggs at Easter, all because of you! Baby enjoyed them, the shells were gorgeous on the table and I loved them. Thanks, dear! Have a great vacation!

    • Glad you liked the quail eggs, they are cute and indeed look so pretty in their shells. I also like the taste, have you tried simmering them in soy sauce? I can’t recall when I posted about that, but if you google Korean quail egg (side) dish recipe you will find it. The yolk becomes very creamy somehow, it’s delicious.
      The pasta itself is so-so…nothing wrong with it, but not super amazing tasty… as you said…it’s more the gimmick of the cute shape than the quality….

      • Oh! Good idea about the quail eggs. I remember that post and will have to give it a try. I don’t think they taste much different than chicken eggs so far… I giggle at the thought of cracking and scrambling enough for dinner for the three of us! Hmmm… I’m guessing that would be at least 15 eggs. Maybe if I get one of those mini pans and a tiny spatula…

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