Carrot garden bento

carrot gardenMy first Easter themed bento for this year!

The idea for it has been shamelessly nicked... ,er, inspired by this very cute Molang rabbit planting carrots spring bento made by Bentodays.

My bunny is definitely not planting them…oh no, he (I actually haven’t decided yet whether it’s a she or a he…) is eyeing them to see if they are ready for eating 😛

I guess the chocolate bunny is also quite interested in the carrots… maybe they can share 🙂

The soil is made from some minced beef with the carrots “planted” in it, on top of some rice. I completed the bento with some fruit and veggies, and a few pieces of asparagus egg roll.


32 thoughts on “Carrot garden bento

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    • Not quite sure what you mean? I know that when I started making lunches I was pretty clueless and looked at tutorials and such. Nowadays it’s still trial and error, sometimes it turns out as I wanted it, sometimes it doesn’t. I still get a lot of inspiration from other bloggers, especially for the more “cuter” and “themed” ones.

      • I think your skills have improved… a lot. It wasn’t that your skills were poor before but the lunches seem to be more and more polished. They actually *look* more confident. It’s been really fun to watch!

        • Thanks! That’s really nice of you to say 😊 It does get easier to make them although that applies more to the execution than to the inspiration… Often I know what food I have but struggle to find a creative way to pack said food. So using inspiration from other bloggers helps a lot 😊

  2. i like how you used a whole orange and making it look like a pumpkin. that rabbit rice ball just too cute.

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