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Mr Bento

Ever since I have seen the lunch packed in a Rantang, posted by Rudyhou on his blog (see here), I have been thinking of finding a similar style lunchbox, ie 3 containers within a insulated larger container. It’s worth reading his post about it as it shows some examples of the lunches he packs in it, they all look delicious 😛

The lunchbox I eventually bought is from Zojirushi and is actually called Ms Bento! They have various stainless steel lunch jar options, Ms Bento has 2 or 3 containers, there is a Mini Bento, and a Mr Bento with 4 containers! More info can be found here.

My Ms Bento doesn’t have a bag and comes instead with a carry strap. Like the one that Rudyhou has, it also has 3 containers, all suitable for the microwave, an outer stainless steel container, and a chopstick holder with chopsticks. Food is supposed to keep hot/cold in it for 6 hours, and as said, the inner bowls can be popped into the microwave if needed.

The photo above (right) shows the different compartments, and I packed them as following:

  • The bottom one is the smallest and has a watertight lid. I filled it with some radish soup (basically Korean miso soup with Korean radish).
  • The middle one has a screw on lid and is the largest. Although it is not 100% watertight, it seems to be almost be so. I think that as long as you keep it upright, you might be able to pack food like pasta with a thick sauce in it, but I would test it first to be certain… In my container I packed some spicy fried rice, ie “my Korean version” of egg fried rice. It has rice, leek, spring onion, baby corn, prawns, sugar snaps, egg and to make it spicy & Korean …some Gochujang … 🙂
  • Finally I packed some orange slices in the top container.

I packed mine 5 hours ago, with piping hot food in the bottom two containers. When I unpacked it, the bowls holding the hot food still felt warm on the outside and there was steam coming off the food when I took the lid off. But… unfortunately the food itself isn’t piping hot anymore, it’ts more like lukewarm. Well warmer than lukewarm, but not hot. It was just a bit too cool for me to classify as a hot lunch (although I suppose you could eat it as it was definitely warmer than room temp) so I popped both containers in the microwave for 1 minute.

So, I think that next time I might try it with putting some boiling water in the containers first, this will probably help keeping it warmer for a longer time.

Still…a very enjoyable lunch 🙂



12 thoughts on “Ms Bento

  1. Yes they have, they are actually called Mini Bento! If you follow the link it shows what options they currently have but it varies per country which ones are available to buy.

  2. Cool! I think most containers don’t keep the food super hot after 4-5 hours, it keeps it lukewarm or so. And yes, putting hot water in the containers first before packing the lunches helps to retain the heat. 🙂

  3. yay. you finally got one. hi, ms. bento 🙂
    damn, yours look much better than mine. it even includes a set of chopsticks. i think i may need mr. bento now. just so i could have a 4-tier bento set. lol.
    by the way, mine also doesn’t keep hot food still piping hot. i think it is normal, though. they all should be the same. since they are made of plastic and to be microwave safe anyways.

    • Yup got myself one! The chopsticks are quite good, although I think I could do with a spoon as well. Not sure what the Mr Bento comes with, there are some variations.
      Good to hear about the food temp, it makes sense as the containers are microwave safe

  4. Very nice! I just got a Mr. Bento recently and I love it. I pack my lunch the night before and put the little containers in the fridge. In the morning, I usually microwave them to a temperature that’s too hot to eat so they’ll still be warm by lunch time. Like you said, the temperature does drop a little bit over time. I think the Zojirushi thermos is much better in terms of insulation than their lunch jars. But the lunch jars are still a good investment 🙂

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