A love for tofu

Tofu love

Hello to all new visitors! And of course to the regular ones ^*^

Quite a lot of people took the time to comment on yesterday’s post (in answer to HarsH ReaLiTy challenge) and I really appreciate that ๐Ÿ™‚

It was great fun to do something completely different to my usual blog posts and it also made my commute much more enjoyable by being more aware of my surroundings. Often I take it for granted that I live/work in this great city called London so it was good to realise that again. It was also really nice to look at the posts/photo’s from other bloggers who took up this challenge, so I can recommend having a browse! (see HarsH ReaLiTy)

So today’s post is what I usually blog about: the food in my lunchbox! ๐Ÿ™‚

I called it a love for tofu because that’s what’s happening at the moment, I seem to be totally smitten by thisย soy product and falling more and more in love with it…. ย So far I have been mainly using it in Sundubu jJigaeย (tofu stew) but I am now trying out new recipes.

Actually as a child I didn’t like tofu at all, but I guess my taste buds have grown up a bit. It is the same with mushrooms, I couldn’t stand those but now I am learning to like them. Not so for bell pepper though…still thoroughly dislike it which is a pity as I sometimes look for nice red food to make creative lunches….

Anyway, I digress, so back to my lunch box. There are 2 portions of spicy steamed tofu. The recipe I used is very very loosely based on one I found at Beyond Kimchee although I have also recently been inspired by the (Korean food) recipes onย Catherine blog. Am planning to try out her pan-fried tofu recipe soon ๐Ÿ˜›

To show my love I have also added a heart shaped hard boiled egg, and other ingredients are the usual rice, carrots, some salad and tomatoes. And I just realised it’s actually a vegetarian lunch today!!

Hope you enjoyed reading about my lunch today and wishing everyone a good weekend!


33 thoughts on “A love for tofu

  1. “Actually as a child I didnโ€™t like tofu at all, but I guess my taste buds have grown up a bit. It is the same with mushrooms, I couldnโ€™t stand those but now I am learning to like them. Not so for bell pepper though” — I am the exact same way! That’s hilarious. Hated that stuff, now I like it, but never peppers!

  2. Bento boxes are the best! When we lived in Japan I used to pack my son’s lunch in an adorable bento box. Wish we still had it. After looking at your beautifully arranged lunch it makes me think I need to make a concerted effort to find more bento boxes.

    • Hi. It depends on where you live but there are quite a few online shops. I actually have a page on my site with some shops I have used in the past. Can’t link now but easily to find if you have a look on my site.
      Thanks for your kind words.

  3. The tofu looks so tasty with the Spicy sauce. I love tofu too. Recently I discovered this handmade tofu from Hokkaido, very creamy and soft. I always dress it with goma dare. I do not know if they export to london but worth checking out their website http://otokomae.jp. It has a long history and yet the website is very funky.

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