Daily life in London (from 6 am till 8.30 am)

Something completely different today!

Inspired by the challenge of HarsH ReaLITy “Daily Life in ___.” I would love it if you could include some photos of your everyday life, your city, your town, or basic “daily photos” that will share your life and country with us. Remember that a view or landscape may be mundane to you because you see it every day, but to others these scenes may be as exotic as they come. I believe these posts will generate a lot of attention, interaction, and will be fun!”, I am today sharing some photo’s with you of my morning!

Warning: lot’s of photo’s

Not sure if my photo’s will count as exotic… ;-), but it was fun making them, and I got triggered to look more around me for photo opportunities and discovered some new sights!

I live in London and my day normally starts around 06.00….when it’s still dark…..although I can see the sky slowly lightning up at the back of the house.

I usually start with packing my lunch for that day before shower/getting dressed. Today we received our veg/fruit box, this is delivered overnight, and although I can check on the website what will be in it, I like the surprise in the morning. Today’s box had swede, leek, onions, cavalo nero, cauliflower, carrots, pears and oranges. I also order eggs with them (we go through a lot) and sometimes fish or meat. This morning’s fish arrived in a special insulated box with an ice pack.

My lunch today has some focaccia bread (as I am out of prepped rice), a tomato/egg salad, some cheese and carrot sticks. I also added orange wedges in a smaller container. Before leaving the house, I put rice in the cooker and time it to be ready for tonight.

It’s definitely getting lighter on my way to the station 🙂

My commute goes via Waterloo station, but luckily it’s not very busy yet – although I did leave the house earlier than usual to allow for extra time making photo’s! These are some photo’s of my commute,around Waterloo Station, the poems in the tunnel under Imax and views from Waterloo bridge.

From Waterloo, I usually take the bus to work (I work in the Bloomsbury area), but sometimes I walk, like today and once you start to pay more attention to your surroundings you notice a lot more things like this “barrel clock” – with the wrong time, a ballerina with a globe as head in a large glass globe on the facade of the Royal Opera House and this old arch for a drinking water fountain above a modern tap!

More photo’s of my walk through Covent Garden / Bloomsbury

At work! Time for tea whilst quickly uploading these photo’s and typing a draft post before work starts. (Will finish at lunch time and publish!)

Hope you enjoyed sharing part of my life 🙂


43 thoughts on “Daily life in London (from 6 am till 8.30 am)

  1. hmmmm… some how you London commute looks more scenic than mine! I’m mostly stuck in the Northern line and then trudge grudgingly towards work!

    • I hate the underground!!! Try to avoid it as much as possible. I could actually take the Northern line – it’s actually quicker if I do – but I rather take the bus or walk.

    • Thanks for the reblog and for the challenge! It was really fun to do something different than my usual blog post and also made me enjoy my commute to work much more!

    • Glad you enjoyed it, it definitely made my commute a lot nicer than usual. It is funny how many unusual things I noticed once I started paying more attention to the buildings around me.

  2. Thank you so much for these photos and they style of your post: average day. It was timely for me to read this. I’ve been to London and would like to re-visit. I agree about the challenge…a sweet and happy change from the daily blog!

  3. Great tour. Thanks. I’m an American living in Cornwall, so I get up to London enough that it’s no longer exotic to me, but your London’s not the same as my London. I’m glad to have seen it through your eyes.

    • Happy to provide a different view of London! I get what you mean, because I live/work/see it every day I don’t get excited about for example seeing Big Ben whereas visitors do.
      I would get excited seeing the beech as I only get to do that once a year or even less so 😁

  4. I am so keen to spend some time in London!!! Thank you for sharing. What is the temp like at the moment?

  5. Nice little slice of voyeurism! I find it interesting that your delivery comes overnight. I wonder if it’s because traffic for the delivery drivers are better? Though finding addresses must be much harder when it is dark. Our deliveries come in the afternoon. Sometimes our doorstep has sun in the afternoon so the smart delivery person puts the box to the shade to keep the produce nice and cool.

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  7. This was fun! Now how did I miss it?! It’s always a treat to get to know you a little better. I agree that a place does seem to feel regular when you live there. I had to force myself to do more sightseeing in Tokyo. !! Once work and daily life take over, it’s easy to forget that anywhere can be interesting!

      • Oooo! Good suggestion. Despite the fact that I think my new neighborhood is about as interesting as paint drying compared to our old place, I’m sure it’s interesting for people who have never been here. This is a superb challenge to see the familiar from a new perspective. Arigatou!

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