Flowers with my sandwich


It was suggested to me that I could put some flowers in my bento lunches to help cheer people up, as currently the weather and time of the year is not very helpful.  I will be making a more flowery rice bento lunch within the next few weeks, but meanwhile I thought it might be nice to meanwhile decorate my simple sandwich snack with flowers.

This bento holds just a simple sandwich (for those interested, there is some ham on it) and I topped it with vegetable flowers: there is courgette, daikon and carrot. I also added a few quail egg flowers, two cheese thingies with flower cut out and a tomato flower.

This was actually my breakfast today. Although my cupboards are full, my fridge/freezer seems to be quite empty of suitable lunch food, so I will pop into the car and drive to the Korean supermarket later to stock up. Might treat myself to Bibimbap for lunch….hmmm that will definitely cheer me up further!


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