Year of the sheep dosirak

Bento with sheep made of crabstick

The Year of the Sheep has now started….or is it the Year of the Goat?

The animal which represents 2015 is apparently up for debate as the relevant Zodiac sign refers both to goats and sheep depending on the country/language/culture.

I read somewhere that in Korea this year is mainly referred to as the year of the sheep, and as my blog mainly concerns Korean (and Japanese food), I think I will stick with that and show you my sheep dosirak!

Some readers may remember that I showed this lunch before, I actually made it last year, but I thought Iย would show it again ๐Ÿ™‚

The sheep is made by cutting out small circles out of crabstick, and the head and legs are made from nori. Everything is positioned on a “field” of rice topped by cucumber and avocado slices, with some flowers from corn, cress, cucumber and ginger.

Oh, and I had my first bowl of Tteokguk yesterday…so now I am a year older….


15 thoughts on “Year of the sheep dosirak

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    • Thanks for the nomination. Hope you do not mind that I won’t accept it but I have decided some time ago not to accept Awards. I do however very much appreciate the nomination and your kind words.

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