Seollal and Baby DosirakBento!

Baby Bento

Happy Lunar New Year to everyone!  Today it is Seollal, Korean New Year.

In Korea Seollal is one of the most important national holidays and the celebrations normally lasts 3 days: the day before, the actual day and the day after. Korean New Year is generally the same day as the Chinese and Vietnamese New Year as it follows the Lunar Calendar.

Korean New Year is typically a family holiday, many people return to their hometowns to catch up with their families, perform ancestral rites (pay respect), exchange gifts, play games and of course to share food.

The most important food eaten at Seollal is Tteokguk, a soup with sliced rice cakes.

As well as the start of a New Year, the Korean New Year is similar to a birthday for Koreans, and eating tteokguk is part of the birthday celebration. Once you finish eating your tteokguk, you are one year older. People often ask “How many servings of tteokguk have you had?” as a fun way to ask each other’s age.

According to Korean age calculation, you are born one (1) year of age, and you increase your age count on 1st January every year, not on your birthday.

So, aside from celebrating Seollal today, I would also like to celebrate the birthday of 2 little baby girls, as some of my readers have recently had an addition to their family!

Many congratulations to Baby Margot and Baby Isla to have made it into this world 🙂 & Happy Birthday!

To be honest…I did feel a bit guilty about eating this dosirakbento…normally I don’t mind eating my creations but eating a baby….well, I was hungry so I did…oops sorry ..

Good thing it was only a rice baby….

I used a pink coloured onigiri to make baby’s head, the same method as in my Oink Oink piggies, but in this case I used a little bit less pink colouring. The face details are made from nori and a pink egg sheet. Her body is made by wrapping more rice in an egg sheet blanket and I added a little bottle filled with milk… The other container has some broccoli, edamame beans, carrot flowers cherry tomatoes and tamago.

I will also be eating some tteokguk later today as I am celebrating Seollal with friends tonight. How are you celebrating Lunar New Year?

New Year


15 thoughts on “Seollal and Baby DosirakBento!

  1. One of my favourite Korean dishes is dukmanduguk – rice cake soup with dumplings – which I just ate for dinner tonight 🙂 I like that your rice baby is sleeping. So cute.

    • I have to confess that I wasn’t impressed with the Tteokguk…I have never been a fan of rice cakes and although the broth was quite nice, the rice cakes were way too chewy (and too many)…

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