Maki sushi on bamboo tray


I always admire the Japanese way of presenting food. It looks so very elegant and is often served on beautiful tableware.

The other day I passed a Japanese Teashop in Museum Street, London. Unfortunately I can’t recall the name (will have to go back) but when walking by I was attracted by the most beautiful Japanese teacups displayed in the window, so I popped inside to have a closer look.

The shop turned out to, apart from serving tea and lovely looking cakes, sell a wide assortment of tea varieties and tableware to serve tea. There was too much to choose from, lots of tiny, very fragile but oh so beautiful tea cups, pretty teapots and small dishes. I couldn’t decide whether I wanted some egg shell blue bowls, or the ones which had flowers (hand)painted on them, or the one with the ingrained pattern…choices choices…

In the end, I only bought this pretty bamboo tray. It feels very nice and smooth, and it’s a good size to serve some maki sushi as in above photo.

I think it would be also the ideal size for a cup of tea and some chocolate for on my bedside table 😛



13 thoughts on “Maki sushi on bamboo tray

  1. i would have loved that tea shop. i always try to make time to visit a tea shop when i get to be in japan. i’m in love with japanese tea wares. especially their ceramic ones.

      • that is ALWAYS my problem. and so i tend to hang out a lot longer than needed. just to make up my mind. though at times i would go into a shop just browse through the selections.

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