Oink! Oink! Onigiri Piggies

Onigiri piggies

Do you like them?

I made these before (see my Animal Farm post), but this time I made some step by step photo’s of the process.

Ingredients & equipment needed:

  • sushi rice
  • pink food colouring & sushi vinegar or pink sushi colouring (sushi plum vinegar powder)
  • egg sheet
  • nori
  • thin noodle or spaghetti
  • optional: filling, for example salmon, tuna or pickled plum

Step by step method:

  • First I mixed some freshly cooked sushi rice with pink sushi colouring. The pink colouring is sushi plum vinegar powder (I bought mine at Bento & Co), and luckily Hilary from Hilary’s Global Cafe was able to translate the instructions for me as they were in Japanese!
  • (If you can’t find pink sushi colouring, you can also use some food colouring mixed with sushi vinegar)
  • I mixed 160 gr cooked rice with 7 gr powder (1 teaspoon). It is important that you mix it whilst the rice is still warm as otherwise you will get uneven coloured rice.
  • Once mixed, I scooped half of the rice on some plastic wrap, which rested in a small bowl. Before gathering the plastic wrap and forming a ball shaped onigiri, I added some smoked salmon as filling. You can of course use any filling you like, or even leave it out completely.
  • I wrapped the clingfilm tightly around the rice, making sure that the filling wasn’t showing and put it aside whilst I prepared the face decoration.
  • Repeat with remaining rice.
  • The snout and ears are cut out from thin egg sheet. I have included instructions on how to make an egg sheet on tips & tricks page. I used small food cutters, but you can also use straws or just a sharp knife.
  • The eyes and mouth are cut out of nori.
  • Unwrap the rice balls and place them in some cupcake moulds.
  • Finally, add the face details.You can use a thin noodle strand to attach the ears to the onigiri. I really like it how you can change the character of each pig by changing the way the ears are attached 🙂
  • That’s it! Two cute piggies to add to your bento box!

27 thoughts on “Oink! Oink! Onigiri Piggies

    • Thanks for your comment. The taste is depending on the kind of colouring you use and of course the filling. It will taste very similar to sushi if you’re using sushi vinegar (powder) like I did.

  1. That’s super cute!! Never realized mixing sushi colouring would help with a more even color. I’ll use this next time I try this out. Thanks again for sharing 😀

  2. Expression filled piggies! I agree… ear position makes a difference. Thanks for the thanks but I will pass it to hubs. He did most of the work. 😀 I like how you lined a cup with film. That seems much easier than Hitoshi’s way of using his hands while bleating Ouch! Hot! Ouch! Although his grandma did it this way, and without wrap. How??

    • Thanks to hubs!
      Plastic film is so much more practical than using hands…I think that at lot of Japanese people must have fireproof hands or something as how else can they handle the hot rice???

      • Ha ha ha! I like that – “fireproof hands”. 😀 Well, I think the same goes for many women of past generations, including my mother’s, who didn’t use rubber gloves for washing dishes, grabbed a towel (or nothing) for pulling pans out of the oven, and generally didn’t mess with or even have any of the conveniences that me and my well-padded generation take as necessities. 😀

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  4. they are so cute. i bet they are tasty too. i like plum vinegar. among my many faves japanese food and beverages actually are umeboshi and CHOYA. the pickled sour plum and sour plum liquor. i have a thing for sour flavors 🙂

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