No lunch box today.

Instead a lovely lunch I had in New Malden: Bibimbap! My favourite Korean food…

There was also some radish soup and of course several banchan: fish cake, kimchi and a potato/cucumber salad (which I didn’t really like as it was mixed with mayonnaise and seemed to clash a bit with the other ingredients…)


7 thoughts on “Bibimbap

  1. Thanks for the like. I positively adore ok dol bibimbap. The stone pot is the key to making that wonderfully crispy rice on the bottom! Swoon! Stuck in a snowstorm – might make some today! Glad you like my valentine Bento picks. Bentos are the best! Happy day to you!

    • Yes, I also always prefer my Bibimbap in a Dolsot! I sometimes pack bibimbap for lunch, but it’s just not the same without that rice crust ๐Ÿ™‚
      Thanks for your comment

  2. Yum! I’m still not accustomed to eating Korean food, so I always lean towards Bibimbap. Is there anything that you would recommend, which would be a good transition/starter?

    • Well, Japchae is quite good as it’s non spicy. I’m currently very much into Jjigae’s = stews, but some of these can be quite spice. BBQ meat is also very nice, especially if you eat it wrapped up with rice and condiments in a salad leaf. Or maybe a Jeon = savoury pancake? Those are in all kind of versions. I find that Maangchi and Crazy Korean Cooking have great recipes and instructions if you want to cook Korean food yourself.

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