A comforting warm lunch today: Ochazuke!

Ochazuke  = to submerge in tea = a simple Japanese dish made by combining green tea and cooked rice with some savoury ingredients.

I will still need to assemble it of course, but my Bento holds all the ingredients: there is rice in the container (not visible), salted salmon and fishcake and some veggies – spring onion & broccoli. The little container holds some wasabi powder (I like my Ochazuke with a bit of a kick), sesame seeds and soy sauce.

When I am ready to eat my lunch, I will reheat the rice slightly (I packed it cold), add all the toppings on it and make the green tea to pour over the food. Lastly I will crumble the seaweed over it.

Delicious and healthy πŸ™‚


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