In my lunch today….


Courgette fritters and Mandu!

It was a very quick lunch to pack (about 15 minutes), thanks again to my ever available freezer supply of lunch ingredients. I am actually trying to empty my freezer(s) as they need some serious defrosting…but somehow I always end up adding more and more food and playing freezer tetris ๐Ÿ™‚

The container on the left top holds several courgette fritters (these were made with smoked salmon), some -tenderstem- broccoli and rice. There is some seaweed-sesame furikake on top of the rice.

The container on the right bottom holds more courgette fritters and a few shrimp mandu. There is also some dipping sauce (soy sauce – apple vinegar – sugar), some edamame and carrot flowers.

I did consider making some temaki (hand roll sushi) this morning, but the avocado didn’t feel ripe enough (always tricky…) so I will be making some sushi later this weekend. If I have time, I will try to make some step by step photo’s but as I am also planning to turn 6lbs of seville oranges into Marmalade and Jelly I might be aย bit otherwise engaged…:-)



7 thoughts on “In my lunch today….

    • Thank you. I do struggle sometimes to come up with new ideas, as I tend to pack the same kind of things over and over again. But I prefer bringing my home made packed lunch than buying it..

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